Customazable steel shock isolation reinforced laminated rubber bearing (11000001909286)

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By forming a laminated structure in which urethane rubber and steel plates are alternately laminated and bonded, low rigidity can be obtained in the horizontal direction while supporting structures and equipment, therefore it can be used as a seismic isolation member and vibration isolation member.

The horizontal load-displacement characteristics are highly linear, providing low rigidity and high damping over a wide amplitude range.
Since it has high damping performance in the horizontal direction, it can also be used as a vibration damping member or cushioning member.

We can handle any shape and dimensions suitable to your request.

Cross-sectional view (sample only):

Actual urethane rubber bearing (sample only):

*Images displayed above are for reference only. Actual shape, dimensions, materials, etc. may vary.

Rubber bearing
Mighty-Prene Material Code
Reference size: 
・Diameter: 50 mm 
・Rubber thickness: 1.0 mm 
・Rubber layer: 25 layers 
・Total rubber thickness: 25 mm 
・Internal steel plate thickness: 25 mm 
・Internal steel plate layer: 24 layers 
・Primary shape factor: 12.5 
・Secondary shape factor: 2.00
・Vibration control
・Vibration isolation
Please inquire if you have other request, such as form, size, and material other than listed.

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LM (Liquid Mighty-Prene) is a liquid thermosetting urethane rubber.

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