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● Enjoy as matcha
● Mix with regular or soy milk and enjoy
• As an ingredient in sweets, etc.

[Sales Results and Awards]
• Some of our contract farms have received Japan's most prestigious awards, including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award and the Emperor's Cup.
• Three company stores in department stores in Japan as well as four stores in Mie Prefecture
• We also supply local supermarkets as well as major wholesalers. Our wide range of products can be found at many supermarkets in Japan.
• We have introduced 5 water cooled powdering mills

We prevent degradation to create high quality powdered products by using the flow of cold water around the millstone to reduce heat produced by friction.

We can handle shipping requests from 100g small packages to sending the raw material in 20kg containers.
Please consult for OEM. We would be happy to hear what your requirements are first.

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Founded in 1883. At Kawahara Seicha, we cultivate tea in the tea plantations of our company and our contracted farmers covering roughly 180 hectares in total in Mie Prefecture, which is located more or less at the center of Japan. Tea produced in this region is called "Ise tea." In order to use the name "Ise tea," the traceability of all of the tea plantations and tea leaves is a requirement, making it possible to know which tea leaves were cultivated in which tea plantations using which methods. Of course, the name "Ise tea" cannot be used unless 100% of the tea is produced in Mie Prefecture.

Kawahara Seicha was the first Ise tea business to be certified as a "Mie Brand" that the Governor of Mie Prefecture recognizes as an excellent specialty that is produced in the prefecture. We also count tea plantations that have won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries' Award among our contracted farmers. We have total involvement in all of the steps to make tea, as we endeavor to keep the soil in good condition for the process of cultivation, produce tea that is aromatic and flavorful using our proprietary roasting techniques for the process of manufacturing, and gather direct feedback from our customers at the stores that we operate for the process of sales.

At Kawahara Seicha, we use the deep-steaming method to add the finishing touches to our tea. Through our process that involves a longer period of steaming compared to typical sencha, we are able to produce a distinctive flavor that is smooth and rich. Deep-steamed sencha is a part of the wide range of teas we offer, including hojicha, genmaicha, black tea, oolong tea, and matcha. In addition to tea leaves, we also manufacture tea bags and powdered tea. We also carry tea-things and Japanese confectionery made with tea. We would be delighted if many people around the world take an interest in tea, which is a part of Japanese culture.

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