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Karaage is unique to Japan, and Usa City, Oita Prefecture, where there were many poultry farms, is said to be the birthplace of fried chicken specialty stores.

Oita prefecture is said to have the highest per capita chicken consumption in Japan. Especially in the northern part of the prefecture centered on Usa City, there are many chicken fried chicken specialty stores, and if you include butcher shops and side dish shops, there are quite a few.
Most of Usa's karaage is made by soaking chicken in a sauce based on soy sauce, garlic, ginger, etc., and then deep-fried it, and each store has its own secret original sauce.

The origin of the fried chicken specialty store is in the Chinese restaurant ""Rairaiten"" in Yokkaichi, Usa City.

Shortly after the war, the shop owner said, ""I want many people to be cheap and full,"" and put it up for sale, and it became popular.
It is said that the karaage specialty store started when the izakaya ""Shosuke"", who heard the deliciousness of the karaage, learned how to fry and later changed clothes from the izakaya to a karaage specialty store.
Many Karaage fans are now visiting Usa City in search of freshly fried and hot flavors.
The origin of the fried chicken boom, ""Karaage"" of ""Karaageken"" is characterized by using soy sauce-based sauce with garlic, ginger and apple juice.
For frying oil, we are careful about oil management and replace all of them without adding them.
Japanese chicken thighs and potato starch use Japanese starch powder.

There are various ways to eat.

Chicken nanban (with sweet and sour sauce and tartar sauce)

Spicy (entwined with chili-based sauce)

Yuzu pepper (with yuzu and green pepper paste) Sprinkle with lemon juice

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RAIRAIKEN KARAAGE Deep fried chicken
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Matsuo Cereal trading company Co., Ltd.

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Born from Japanese culture and tradition, Japan's finest gastronomic ingredients that producers carefully raised in Japan's nature and thanked for the blessings of nature
 Rice, meat, green tea, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, miso, jiuqu
 (Used in gold medal awards and first-class restaurants)

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