Авокадо FUERTE, готовый экспорт по всему миру

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 This naturally nutrient dense fruit provides nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients with relatively few calories. They are sodium and cholesterol free and they contain the same good fats as nuts and olive oil. In fact, Avocados from Peru are even a great first food for babies! And since creamy, delicious avocados are so satisfying to eat, they'll fill you up but they won't slow you down.

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Nutrition Facts : Avocado                               Amount Per 100 Grams

Calories          160
Total Fat                      15g          23%
Saturated fat                2.1g             0%
Polysaturated fat          1.8g         
Monosaturated fat        10g 
Trans fat 0.1g 
Cholestrol                    0mg              0%
Sodium                        7mg              0%
Protein                           2g              4%
Dietary fibre                 7 g              28%
Protein                           2g              4%
Vitamin A                     2%              Vitamin C        16%
Potassium                485mg             13%
Total Carbohydrate        9g             3%
Cobalamin                   0% 
Calcium                         1%                3%
Trans fat 0.1g 

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