Yasin 2022 Size 0 Capsules Separated Empty Capsules 00 Printed Empty Gelatin Capsules 0 Size

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Yasin 2022 Size 0 Capsules Separated Empty Capsules 00 Printed Empty Gelatin Capsules 0 Size


Hard capsule Shell:

      A capsule is an edible package made from gelatin or other suitable material and filled with a drug(s) to produce a unit dosage, mainly for oral use. 

      Hard Gelatin Capsule: or two-piece capsule which are composed of two pieces in the form of cylinders closed at one end. The shoter piece, called the “cap”, fits over the open end of the longer piece, called the “body”. 

      Gelatin is the most commonly used material for capsule manufacturing.




1. High product qualification rate 99.9%

2. Can be customized color & print per customers' requirement.

3. Cooperated with famous factories in our China and out of China.

4. Rich experienced workers can produce stable quality.

5. Quality can be traceable and once quality approved, we'll keep same raw material to assure the quality uniform and stable.

6. Stable quality, 80% senior technicians make sure capsules stable in quality

7. Strong production capacity production: 8.5billion/year

8. Work with many well-known pharmaceutical factories, HARBIN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group,etcc






Certificate of Analyze:

Physical and Chemical Items
Test ItemStandard
CharacteristicsThis product is cylinder, by can set close and lock cap and body composed of two qualitative hard and elastic empty capsule. Capsule should be bright and clean, colour and lustre is uniform, smooth incision, no distortion, no odour. This article is divided into transparent (two does not contain sunscreen), translucent (section contains a sunscreen only), opaque (two contain sunscreen). 
IdentificationShall be positive
Brittleness degree≤5
Disintegration time limit≤10.0mins
ChloroethanolShall be positive
ethylene oxide≤0.0001%
Drying weightlessnessshould be 12.5-17.5%
Burning residue≤2.0%(transparent),3.0%(semi-transparent),5.0%(opaque)
Heavy metal(ppm)≤20
Aerobic bacteria count≤1000cfu/g
Molds and yeast≤100cfu/g
Escherichia coliNegative








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