Natural milk yogurt for yogoment fujikko caspian sea yogurt seed set (3g x 2 packets) on sale

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Fujikko Caspian Sea Yogurt seed set (3g x 2 packets)

Delicious yogurt with the unique stickiness of "Caspian Sea Lactobacillus (Bacillus Cremoris FC strain)®" from the Caucasus region.
This yogurt has a unique stickiness and a rich taste of raw milk from Hokkaido.
Fujikko uses "Caspian Sea Lactobacillus (Bacillus Kremolis FC strain)®" isolated and purely cultured by Fujikko from homemade yogurt brought back from the Caucasus, a region known for its longevity, by Dr. Yukio Iemori, a well-known expert on longevity food culture.

The unique thick consistency and mild acidity are characteristics of "Caspian Sea Yogurt" produced by "Caspian Sea Lactobacillus (Bacillus Kremolis FC strain)®".
It is produced at a factory in Hokkaido, Japan, to ensure the delicious taste of fresh raw milk.
The delicious taste that can be continued every day, the "Lactobacillus Caspianus (Bacillus Kremolis FC strain)®" that reaches the intestines alive, and the "sticky ingredient EPS" that is the source of the stickiness, support your daily health. EPS, which is the source of its stickiness, supports your daily health.

Product Usage
Economical, one packet can be used to make yogurt repeatedly.
The finished yogurt can be used as seeds to make more yogurt.
We recommend replacing the seeds regularly (at least once every 3 months).

Simply mix with milk and leave at room temperature
Caspian Sea Yogurt" can be fermented at room temperature (20-30℃), so it can be made without a yogurt maker or other equipment.

Thick and sticky texture
The sticky ingredient EPS produced by Caspian Sea Lactobacillus (Bacillus Cremoris FC strain) reduces the acidity of the yogurt, making it suitable for those who do not like the acidity of yogurt.

Since yogurt can be made at home, many supermarkets have related sales near their yogurt and milk departments.

Nutrition Facts (Per 1 packet (3g))
Storage Method
Best if eaten by this date
Mixed Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus subtilis acetobacter cultures, skimmed milk powder, (some containing dairy ingredients)
Avoid high temperature and high humidity, and be careful not to transfer fragrances.

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Maruchu Kasai Kaisan Co., Ltd. purchases and sells "Ibuki Iriko", the Kagawa prefecture brand Iriko, and Tokushima brand "Naruto Wakame" certified by the prefecture, which are purchased and purchased by connoisseurs, including products of many manufacturers representing Tokushima Prefecture in Japan.

We also handle many products and organic allergen-free products from each region of Japan that we have cultivated in the online mail order business for many years.

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