Best Quality Medical Use Auto Stop Variable Speed Injection Infusion Pump (11000003553532)

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

Pumping Mechanism
Curvilinear peristaltic
IV Set
Compatible with IV sets of any standard
Flow Rate
1-1300 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
Purge, Bolus
Purge when pump stops, bolus when pump starts, rate at 1100 ml/h
*Inbuilt Thermostat
30-45℃, adjustable
1-9999 ml
Infusion Mode
ml/h, drop/min, time-based
KVO Rate
1-5 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
Occlusion, air-in-line, door open, end program, low battery, end battery,AC power off, motor malfunction, system malfunction, standby
Additional Features
Real-time infused volume, automatic power switching,mute key, purge, bolus, system memory, key locker, nurse call
Occlusion Sensitivity
5 levels
Air-in-line Detection
Ultrasonic detector
Wireless Management
Drop Sensor
Nurse Call
Power Supply, AC
110/230 V (optional), 50-60 Hz, 20 VA
9.6±1.6 V, rechargeable
Battery Life
6 hours at 30 ml/h
Working Temperature
Relative Humidity
Atmospheric Pressure
700-1060 hpa
233*146*269 mm
3 kg
Safety Classification
Class Ⅰ, type CF

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Product Details

1.Built-in thermostat: 30-45℃ adjustable.
This mechanism warms IV tubing to increase infusion accuracy.
This is a unique feature compare to other Infusion Pumps.
2. Applicable for adult, Paediatrics and NICU (Neonatal).
3. Anti-free-flow function to make infusion safer.
4. Numeric keyboard for fast data input.
5. Five levels occlusion sensitivity
6. Nurse call system applicable.

Company Profile

Founded in 1994, Beijing KellyMed Co., Ltd. is a high technology corporation engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of infusion systems, supported by Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Manufacturing Facility, R&D Center, QC Division, Domestic Sales Division, Int’l Sales Division and Customer Support Center were established under KellyMed.
Engineers are major in Physics, Infrared Radiation, Electronics, Ultrasound, Automation, Computer, Sensor and Mechanics.
57 patents were granted by State Intellectual Property Office of China. KellyMed is ISO13485 certified. Most of the products are CE marked.
In 1994, KellyMed developed the original Chinese-made Infusion Pump. Mr. Qian Xinzhong, the former Minister of Health wrote an inscription for our innovation.
The company today produces world-class equipments, which are sold not only in China, but also exported to more than 60 countries across Europe, Oceania, South America and Asia.
As a main player in this field, KellyMed focused on infusion technology for last 30 years.
Product Range of medical equipment:
1. Infusion Pump
2. Syringe Pump
3. Feeding Pump
4. TCI Pump
5. Docking Station
6. Intermittent Pneumatic Compression

Product Range of medical disposables:
1. Feeding Set
2. Nasogastric Tube
3. Dedicated IV Set

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