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Product Overview


Products Description

Cheese Snack & Dried Fish

●【A Seafood Delicacy Loved By All Over The Years】
Masaki is a town located in Ehime Prefecture facing the Seto Inland Sea.
Masaki is famous throughout Japan for being the place where small fish delicacies originated.
Established since 1910 in Masaki Town, we have been developed and processed a wide variety of products, market by Ohgiya Foods. Seafood delicacies loved by all generations.

● Cheese Snack Series

A big hit product of Ohgiya Foods, which is individually wrapped with cheese sandwiched between cod surimi sheets. A snack you cannot stop eating once you started.

● Flower Cheese Series

Thinly sliced cheese product.
You can eat it as it is, or you can use it to decorate your dishes.
We also have a wide variety of flavors.

● Fresh Series
This snack has excellent chewy texture and is popular not only as a snack for drinking but also as a snack for children. You can truly enjoy the delicious taste of the ingredients.

● Cup Series
A snack cup packed with "almond small fish".
We have carefully selected all ingredients and prepared these easy to pick and eat snacks.
Also popular for its convenience and fun to eat.

● Tsukudani Series (Boiled with Soya Sauce)
Tsukudani made with anchovy from the Seto Inland Sea.
This tsukudani, is prepared using the traditional Ohgiya cooking methods and is recommended as an accompaniment with rice.

Product details

Cheese snack series
Cheese Kobo series
Souvenir flower cheese series
Fresh series
expiry date
Piece size(mm)
70×30×8(2.8g)*Not all products match
145×230×20(72g)*Not all products match
200×300×20(115g)*Not all products match
170×310×30(104g)*Not all products match
Inner box size(mm)
180×110×45(190g)*Not all products match

Single box size(mm)
462×189×240(3880g)*Not all products match
300×240×110(910g)*Not all products match
462×311×256(4100g)*Not all products match
350×320×140(1388g)*Not all products match

Product Usage

● How to Eat
You can enjoy it after opening.
You may heat it up in an oven for better taste.

● Storage / Preservation Method
Avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. Best store at room temperature.

● Best-by Date
We recommend sealing the opening or transferring to a air-tight container, etc. after opening, and consume before the stated expiration date.

Company Profile

LCC Trading Co.,Ltd.
The world’s first Low Cost Carrier (LCC) concept by Japanese export company. Established since 2017 in Tokyo, and moved to Okinawa in 2020. We are a trading company with overseas sales channels in more than 15 countries.

Our CEO has been based in Singapore since 2011 and has been involved in the development of Sake on Tap/ Nippon Ichi. All Japanese artisan products can be shipped worldwide via Sea & Air. We have a Multilingual Customer Support Centre in Vietnam, and all payments can be made in major currencies through our merchant acquisition office in Singapore.

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