Japanese imported strainer manufacture kitchen sink for sale

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Product Overview


Products Description


Both size order and disposer installation are available
This stainless steel sink has a minimalist design that complements the material and texture of the top panel.
Our product do not have welding marks like other hand-made sinks.

Noels stainless steel is a minimalist design, with a focus on beauty in both detail and finish.
A special surface coating makes daily cleaning easy.
The lineup includes not only standard undermount sinks, but also overmount sinks that can be coordinated in various ways
(including size orders in 1 mm, additional holes for faucet installation, the installation of disposers, etc.)

Edgy square form
The edgy, minimalist square form highlights the beauty of stainless steel and enhances the materiality and texture of the top panel.

drain cover for Beauty

drain covers are finished to match the sink, the plate enhances the beauty of the sink area. 
At overseas exhibitions, drain covers made of the same material as the sink are available, but they float when water is poured, making them impractical.
Our drain covers are made with unique technology and do not float when water is poured over them.
And, at the same time they can be easily removed by hand.

Choice of drain outlet specifications

You can also choose an integrated drain outlet type that prevents dirt from accumulating and is easy to clean.
Drainage parts are included according to the drainage specification.
Only standard specification drains are compatible with disposer installation.

Hydrophilic Coating to Prevent Stains

A high-hardness hydrophilic coating prevents stains from adhering to the surface.
Two types of finishes are available: a blast finish with a low luster and gentle feel, and a vibratory finish that prevents scratches from showing through.



※.In addition to the above sizes, size orders in increments of 1mm are also available.

SUS304 stainless steel
Surface treatment
You can select
ISO 14001 Cert No.12802
USA,Canada,Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle east ect.

Product Summary

Product: Stainless steel sink
Type of buyer: Furniture stores, kitchen manufacturers, construction companies, construction companies, interior design films, trading companies.
Place of use: In kitchens of high-income brackets.
Differentiation points:Unique design and practicality, beautiful drain.


ISO9001:2015 Cert No. 05522-A
ISO14001:2015 Cert No. 05522-B

Company Profile

We are longtime main supplier to major Japanese kitchen & interior manufacturers since 1965.
We have also developed our original bowls and sinks made from solid surfaces and quartz surfaces.
with an aim to distinguishing our company from other competitors in technical skills.
Since 2011, we have been devoted in fabricating the new material, Quartz stones.
In addition to the quartz stone, we started fabricating the new material sintered stones and any other slim ceramic tiles in 2014.

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