Антимикробная пленка из ТПУ AFEL для различных продуктов с человеческим контактом

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Product Overview


General Information

HS Code
Order Unit
1 roll
20 rolls (1 pallet)
Daily Producing Capacity
500 rolls
Payment Methods
T/T, Irrevocable L/C(at sight)
Basic Price Terms
FOB Busan Port / Incheon Airport, Korea
Shipping Period
Shipment will be completed within 10days After Balance payment

Company Profile

Established in 1973, AFEL has emerged as the leader
in the soft film market and has been recommended to promising SMEs and exporters from Small Business Corporation, based upon joint efforts of all employees.
AFEL is aimed to seek an ideal harmony between human beings and the environment. In this regard, AFEL has been developing recyclable and environmentally friendly products that do not contain dioxin and other harmful endocrine disruptors.

Strengths of AFEL

* AFEL produces not only normal TPU film also functional TPU film.
* Anti-Virus TPU film which is the initial application for TPU film
* Anti-bacteria TPU film, Non-yellowing TPU film
* Bio-degradable TPU film, Flame resistance TPU film

Product Description

General TPU

Aromatic ester TPU (Astromer S)

wide variety of solid and transparent colors and custom colors available lamination to various fabrics, plastic films and papers

◎ Features
- Highly transparent
- Exceptional mechanical property
- Good chemical resistance
- Abrasion resistance
- Post-processability of welding, linting,coating, laminating

◎ Applications
- Ourdoor : Tent, Air-mattress, Pouch
- Textile : Rain coat, Apron, Label
- Sports leisure : Ball cover, Bladder, Floor mat
- Construction : Masking tape, water proof sheet
- Industrial : Elastomeric tape, grinding tape

Aromatic ether TPU (Astromer T)

wide variety of solid and transparent colors and custom colors available lamination to various fabrics, plastic films and papers

◎ Features
- Good hydrolysis resistance
- Anti-microbial property
- Low temperature flexibility

◎ Applications
- Medical : Infusion bag, blood pressure cuff
- Hydrolytic products: Tank liner, Inflation tank cover, Hydration bag
- Outdoor: Life vest jacket, wet suit, Balloon, Inflatable boat, water proof product

Screen Protection Film

Screen protection film (Astromer P)

Ultra clear aromatic TPU film / PET release liner

◎ Features
- Low-yellowing (QUV : ASTM G154 – 4~4.5 grade)
- High transparent rate >92%
- Lower Haze <2%
- Good adhesion coating(Silicon, Acryl, Urethane)

◎ Applications

- Smartphone screen protection film
- Optical surface protection film

Specialty Film

Aliphatic TPU film (AstroMax O)

Aliphatic ultra clear TPU film / PET release liner
Easy peel off between TPU and PET liner

◎ Features
- Non-yellowing
- Excellent UV resistance (QUV : ASTM G154 –3,000hrs △E <1.5)
- Excellent optical clarity
- Good workability to adhesion coating

◎ Applications
- Paint Protection film for Automotive
- Surface protection film

Flame retardant TPU film (AstroMax F)

◎ Features
- Halogen free
- UL94 V0~V2 grade
- Customized coloring

◎ Applications
- Fire proof products: Gas-mask
- Automotive parts: Interior material, Seat cover, Lumbar support
- Electronic: Insulation sheet. Gasket
- Construction : Fire proof layer, Hearting film

Anti- Virus /
Anti-microbial TPU film (AstroMax S)

◎ Features
- Anti Virus activity 99%- within 2hours
- Anti-microbial activity value > Log 2.0 (JIS-Z2801)

◎ Applications
- Housewares: Cutting board, Cushion mat, Glove
- Various goods for human contact

Anti-static TPU film (AstroMax S)

◎ Features
- Surface Static dissipative 107~109
- Immediate and permanent effect
- Humidity independent

◎ Applications
- Electric & electronic: Anti-static sheet, EMI Gasket, Cushion sheet
- Automotive Interior material


TPE film (Somomer E)

Modified TPE film

◎ Features
- High clear
- Exceptional cold resistance
- Good oil & solvent resistance

◎ Applications
- Flexible TPE membrane
- Industrial film
- Specialty packaging film

TPO film (SonoMax D)

Dicing film

◎ Features
- Good mechanical property
- Good wetting for adhesive coating
- Good UV cure processing
- Low burr and excellent sawing
- Optimized elongation and modulus

◎ Applications
- Back grinding tape
- Dicing tape
- Die Attaching Film(DAF)


Clean factory

Introducing thermo-hygrostat system with AHU(Air Handling Unit) and ACU(Air Control Unit), we control an optimal temperature and humidity in the factory.

- Provides a pleasant environment for workers and production line
- Provides an optimized environment for the quality of film and facilities

Surface defect
inspection system

Surface defect inspection system identifies various defects that can occur during the film extrusion process. It detects and classifies defects such as gels,contamination, scratches and holes.
Inspection results are documented and analyzed as problem-solving data base.
The system is designed to inspect transparent and opaque film.

In-line thickness gauge

Film thickness is a critical as it has a direct effect on mechanical properties including tensile strength, impact resistance and other characteristics.
AFEL’s non-contact film thickness gauging solutions will give the measurement performance while providing precise feedback in real-time and improve product quality.

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