Ванильные бобы Премиум качества Eva для гурманов

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World's Best Heavenly Aromatic and Best Taste Indian farmed superior Quality Vanilla Beans by Evellene International are triple inspected for quality and preserved with the natural aroma. Vanilla Beans are highly versatile because vanilla is called for in many recipes, including quick bread, cakes, cookies, grano

la, and more, most people have a bottle of vanilla extract in their kitchen. 

Pure vanilla, with its wonderful aromatic flavour, is the most widely used flavouring in pastries, confections, and other desserts.  It is the second most expensive spice in the world, next to saffron, and as much as flavour chemists try with the glycoside found in the sapwood of certain conifers or from coal extracts, the cheaper synthetic vanillas on the market today do not come close to competing with pure vanilla. Vanillin is only one of 171 flavouring compounds that have been identified in natural vanilla, which is why synthetic vanilla is only an approximation of the natural bean, with none of its subtleties. When you use the whole vanilla bean the complexity of flavours and aromas of the bean are released.  In custards, milk, creams, syrups, and other liquids they impart a wonderful flavour and their small dark seeds add dimension to your dessert.

Natural Vanilla beans are used widely top chefs across Europe and the US in all Gourmet preparations. These beans exude luxury and add premium to every recipe.

Evellene International has been a pioneer for Vanilla beans in India serving home bakers, small businesses and large restaurant chain alike for over a decade. As exporters of the bean, we have widely recognized for our great flavour and superior quality. We now invite you to try our aromatic beans !!

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 Packaging is vacuum sealed that can be conveniently taken from one place to another and can be handled easily by middlemen or consumers. The goods are packed with all the quality checks and comes in the company sealed cartons.

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