Wholesale automotive automobile protective polypropylene film

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Product Overview


Products Description

PURE THERMO, With its unique crystallization control technology and special surface treatment technology,
it has high transparency, formability to complex shapes, and adhesion of printing inks,
making it an ideal polypropylene sheet for decorative molding.
PURE THERMO has particularly good suitability for insert molding, in-mold molding and cladding molding.

When used in combination with polypropylene molded resin, monomaterialization can be realized, and recyclability is improved.

*Cross-sectional observation photograph of a general PP sheet (observation by 200x polarization microscope)

*Cross-sectional observation photograph of PURE THERMO (observation by 200x polarization microscope)
Microstructure below the wavelength of visible light

*With our unique co-extrusion multi-layer technology, it is a polypropylene sheet characterized by a deep and shiny design.
*Even at high molding magnification, there is little change in design, and it is possible to adhere to PP resin in insert molding.
*As a coating substitute, it contributes to the reduction of environmental impact (VOC, CO2 reduction, improvement of recyclability).

0.2t 900mm×750m
transparent / clear

Product Usage

Product: PP Film
User: Auto parts manufacturer
Location: Interior layer of the car, outer layer, place where PP resin is used

Company Profile

NAKAJIMA METAL LEAF, POWDER Co. was founded in 1916, and specialized exclusively in gold powder and gold leaf. Today, we are a
leading supplier of gold, silver, copper, tin and brass powder and leaf materials that are used in the printing industry to add sparkle and brilliance. In 1930 we started offering aluminum foil, a promising new alternative to tin foil, well before the launch of domestic production in Japan. This was a pivotal decision that paved the way for subsequent expansion into other areas such as electronics materials for condensers and packaging materials.

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