japanese thin vapor chamber heat sink production with decarbonization (11000003921166)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Vapor chamber ""WEL-HeatRibboon"

Vapor chamber is "Ultla Thin Heat Pipe".

Heat is transferred and diffused at high speed in response to local heat input.
Vapor chamber, which has high heat transfer properties for heat input from the heat source, quickly diffuses and spreads the heat throughout the body, thereby achieving efficient heat dissipation.

The vapor chamber has the following features.
・Uniform temperature distribution
 For example, it is obvious at a glance when compared with a copper plate

・Thin:Seat-type design enable it to be use in space-constrained circumstances

・Free flat shape (doughnut shape, Y-shape, etc.) and special shapes are also available

Sample size: 50×100mm
But, we will develop a specialized design according to the customer's operating environment.
Please let us know your desired specifications such as size, Heat source, and desired heat transfer properties etc.

we try to develop products (heat exchanger, heatsink, vapor chamber, and so on) with higher performance and smaller size, and to realize more efficient energy saving.
Designing, simulating, fabricating prototype, inspecting and evaluating them are all our scope. Including mass production.
Please feel free to consult us.

Vapor chamber sample Design Specifications
heat transfer performance
Up to 30W

Product Usage

Application samples:factories, chemical plant, semiconductor manufacturing Equipment, sever/data center, power module, automobiles, etc.

In addition to standard products, We can also "develop custom prototypes" to meet your specifications.
Please let us know your desired specifications.


PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
ASME U stamp

Company Profile


Thermal One-stop WELCON

 WELCON's "Thermal One-stop"; Provide a full range of solutions on thermal challenges. Our core technologies are twofold. One is the know-how of "microchannel designing ", and the other is "diffusion bonding technology" that realizes micro-channel structure.
 We've been continuing to try creating values by adding novel functions to products and systems by different manner from conventional technologies. You can count on us, especially for solving challenges on "Thermal Control"., such as heat exchangers including for hydrogen station, heat sinks, and vapor chambers.

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