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"Mochi" rice cake is a very popular food. It is called" Gyuhi "that is made by adding sugar to the rice cake to make it easier to process, but making this fertilizer is a very laborious task.
This product has solved the trouble! You can make "Gyuhi" very easily. To make it, just mix this product (mixed powder) with water and heat it. You can make mochi by heating it using a microwave oven, steamer, pot, steam oven, etc.
The biggest feature is that it can be used by pouring or squeezing it while mixed with water.
You can use it as you like, whether it is topping or containing it.
It does not contain sugar, so you can adjust the sweetness.
By simply adding powder or extract when adding water, you can easily create various tastes and color variations.
The cut size, thickness, and shape are also free.

It is resistant to aging and does not harden after baking. In addition, it can be stored frozen even after firing, and it does not harden even in the refrigerator.
It's easy, but the taste and texture are real. It also supports retort sterilization (pasteurization), so hygiene management is possible with peace of mind.
It is a food-eco-friendly product with excellent mold release and workability compared to general "Gyuhi" made from rice cake flour.
Please use it for new products that use "Gyuhi".

Product line-up

Modified rice cake flour for bread T 2kg(Mochi dekimasu for bread T 2kg)

Product Usage

Add 80 water to 100 of this product, mix, and heat at 85 degrees for about 3 minutes. (Basic composition)
You can put mochi in the bread.

Also, if you add water or powder or extract to this product to make a dough, you can make a wide variety of products.

Please use it for products with a new sensation that adds a mochi feel.

Bread making: Add water, mix, and bean paste with bread dough.
Anpan with Mochi (anpan is sweet bean bun), Mugwort anpan with mochi


ISO 22000

Company Profile

“Uenochu” is a long-established Japanese raw material manufacturer for 75 years.
Mugwort and Cherry blossoms are more than 60% market share in Japan. Many of our customers are large companies, and we are engaged in a wide range of businesses such as bakery manufacturers, confectionery manufacturers, café chains, drink manufacturers, and frozen food manufacturers. Our own factory in China has qualified as FSSC 22000, possessing 54.13 ha farmland. We have achieved safe and secure Japanese quality and 150 stuff are working in China. Exports results are US, China, Korea, Taiwan, HK, Thailand, NZ, UAE etc.

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