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Print Shrimp Cracker
It is a shrimp cracker manufactured by the traditional method mainly using potato starch. A large circular cracker (about 15 cm) has a great impact. It stands out when placed in a store. It has been sold as "dagashi" in Japan for a long time and has a simple taste. Shrimp and sea lettuce are kneaded and baked at high temperature in hygienic equipment. You can import and print your favorite images such as photos and pictures on the rice crackers. You can also print company logos, QR codes, grandma caricatures and landscape photos written by children. I was surprised when the QR code could be read. It can be used for each event such as company anniversary, promotional activities, birthday gifts, weddings, etc. It has a great impact even if it is used to make food look good. This ink is edible made in Japan, so it is safe and secure. The print range is about 13 cm. Crackers are healthy because they are non-fried and low in salt. Manufactured in a FSSC 22000 certified factory.

Print Shrimp Cracker

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Please eat as it is.It can be eaten by a wide range of generations, regardless of age or sex, anytime, anywhere.



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Yamasan Co.,Ltd.
Yamasan Shokai is a Japanese shrimp cracker maker. We have been developing and manufacturing for over 60 years with deliciousness and health in mind. In order to bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients, we have designed it to be simple and light in consideration of the health of our customers. We manufacture safe and secure products at our FSSC 22000 certified factory.

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