Manufacturers 12 hole ocarina kids toy musical instrument set (11000004429029)

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Products Description

Gentle yet deep.

The NIGHT Shirabe ocarina was developed with the more serious player in mind.
Those who have already had some experience with the instrument.
This ocarina has a gentle yet deep sound, which perfect to play both outside and inside.
We hope that the user will be able to experience the beautiful gentle sounds of this ocarina.

Product Usage

12-hole ocarina available in alto C and soprano F.
Alto C: Range is A3 to F5, with a range of 1 octave and 5 notes.
Soprano F: Range is D4 to Bb5, with a range of 1 octave and 5 notes.

Company Profile

We are a Japanese musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1919. We both produce ocarinas and musical instrument strings. Ocarina is a ceramic whistle with Italian roots, that has become very popular in Japan since the 1970's. Since that time we have been involved in the ocarina business. Many newer companies have taken a lot of inspiration based on our "NIGHT" ocarinas. For over 100 years we have been involved with production of music strings. "semi-handmade" Unlike many other makers who are fully automated, we still stick to traditional methods, which result in a softer sound.

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