Boat Engine Outboard Outboard 60HP 4 Stroke Boat Engine / Outboard Engine (11000004761082)

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outboard engine shaft



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Manual tilt

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Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Annex ll

Product Advantages
1.Our products have two applicable EC Directives, the first is Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the second is EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Annex ll.

2.We can provide package videos and spare parts to ensure the product quality. We can offer online support when you have any problems.

3. Our product can work the same as YAM 2 stroke 15 hp outboard engine shaft.



Difficulty of Outboard first ignitionBecause the cylinders and oil pipes of the engine are never used and with no fuel inside, it will be troublesome to start and need to try for several times. However, after you firstly succeeding in it, it will be easier and you only need to pull for 3-5 times to start it, usually it just needs one time in the future.In short, to start the machine, you should make appropriate adjustment to the throttle. The throttle has three gears, you usually need to pull out two sections.

The function of Red spiral on the outboard engine shaftOne end of red spiral needs to be plugged into the red “ flameout switch” on the cover, keeping the switch off. The other end needs to be fixed on your wrist to pull out the spiral to turn off the engine in case the driver falls down from the running boat accidentally, then the boat will not run away from you.

No effluent of outboard outletWhen the machine is running, the nozzle should keep spraying, which is the normal state of the cooling engine. If you find that the nozzle does not spray, stop immediately to check, do not continue running. Most of this is due to the high speed rotation of the acceleration engine at neutral, you should absolutely avoid the engine neutral high speed rotation. Because the inlet hole is small, there may also be river debris blockage caused, please check in time.

Back gear change to forward gearIf the back gear turns into forward gear by itself, the main reason is that the reset spring does not shift correctly. You should wait a minute at neutral before shifting from the forward gear to the back gear.

Use of outboard engine shaft external fuel tanksTurn off the switch on the internal tank when using the external tank, otherwise the oil and some air in the external tank will go into the internal tank.In addition, the pipe of the external oil tank needs to be pinched before starting the engine.

Guidance of outboard engine adaptionSome people are used to processing the new machine in the bucket or sink. It all depends you but you should ensure at least the propeller and pumps are all in the water before running it. When running the machine, you should keep it at forward gear and don’t press the accelerator at neutral. And always pay attention to the machine spraying.

Handling of "flooded engine"Incorrect starting mode can cause the engine to be flooded. Flooded engine is caused by the oil accumulation in the engine due to operator’s repeating failure in start. Because every time you pull out the cord, gas will get into the cylinder which is a threat to the ignition and excess gas may leak out of the spark plug. To solve the problem, you should remove the spark plug, pull out the cord, drain the oil and plug it back.

.Replacement Method of Gear Oil of Outboard engineWhether the outboard engine is 2 strokes or 4 strokes, whether the output is big or small, the replacement method is all the same, dismantle two screws, let out the oil and add the oil.

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