Красное вино, Сделано в Италии, супертосканские сигареты, санджовы, маленький вердот, мерлот 2010

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Castello di Barbialla igt 2010
Ruby intense color with garnet reflections , intense and complex on the nose with
spicy and balsamic hints and cherry, dark fruit notes and tobacco aromas.
Great structure and smooth and supple tannins. Big persistence and a long, luscious finish.
A unique wine of exceptional distinction from Castello di Barbialla


Product Type
Red wine
Table Wine
Place of Origin
Producing Region
Brand Name
Castello di Barbialla
Alcohol Content (%)
Grape Type
Sangiovese, Merlot, Petit Verdot
Ageing Container
French oak
Model Number
Castello di Barbialla igt 2011
Ruby intense color with garnet reflections
vineyard located in the municipality of Montaione (Florence area)
Tasting notes
intense and complex with spicy and balsamic hints
Bordolese 0,75 lt.
Bottles produced

Company Profile

Tuscany is a region of large estates, but even in such context Barbialla is notable for its expansiveness. Close to 2,000 acres (800 hectares) in size, the estate sprawls over a territory in which three historic Tuscan provinces come together and join.Barbialla is at the extreme western edge of the province of Florence. Just to the north lie the township of San Miniato, a fortress town in the lower Arno valley. To the south, is San Gimignano, home to an impressive number of perfectly preserved towers which attract, in addition to the fine wine and the surrounding saffron fields, hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Pisa is 48 miles (77 kilometers) to the west of the estate and Siena virtually at the same distance to the south.The location in Barbialla to plant the first vineyards was selected judiciously: a sweet slope to take advantage of the superior light and solar radiation which a hillside vineyard enjoys.
Sangiovese comprises the base of the blend with it’s 80% of the vineyard surface; Merlot and Petit Verdot have been allotted 10%each. Barbialla is located in a warm spot and the microclimate is aided by the relatively low altitude of its hills and by the nearby presence of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The vineyard soil is a mixture of sand and loam. The abundant presence of fossil sea shells in the terrain deposited during the eons in which the area of Barbialla was covered by the sea, is another important quality factor. The Barbialla harvest normally begins around mid-September. The grapes, once picked (entirely by hand), are brought rapidly to the cellar where they are destemmed, lightly crushed, and fermented in epoxy-lined cement fermenting tanks. The extraction techniques used at Barbialla are gentle, to avoid the presence of harsh and astringent tannins in the wine. Once run off its skins, the wine goes into carefully selected 60 gallon (225 liter) oak barrels coopered exclusively from high quality French oak. It is notable that considerable care is exercised in avoiding an excessive percentage of new oak. Quality red wine and Chardonnay in Tuscany.
Close to half of the Barbialla grounds, some 1897 acres, consist of woods, principally oak and holm oak. The property is also an important game reserve where wild boars, hares, deer, roe deer, and fallow deer roam. Their recently returned companions, the wolves, are a tribute to the care and attention given to the environment by the current owner. The local fauna includes a large variety of winged creatures: quail and pheasants, mallards, coots and moor hens who swim in the lakes, doves, thrush, larks, and woodcocks. Barbialla is a working agricultural estate. A barrel-fermented Chardonnay and, more significantly, a red blend are made from the 13.5 acres of vineyards. Rich and flavorful extravirgin olive oil is also produced from the estate’s 12,5 acres of olive groves.
The fields are planted to wheat, corn, soya, and rape and cattle raising, a long tradition at Barbialla, continues today.




Via Casastrada, 68
50050 Montaione (Florence) - Italy
Telephone +39 0571 462847.

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