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Product Overview


Product Description

This concrete mixer is a mixer that relies on the friction drive of a rubber roller. This mixer is a roller concrete mixer that rotates forward and reverses. It is possible to mix plastic and semi-dry concrete. It is a type of equipment between a forced mixer and a civilian mixer. The utility model has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, convenient operation and movement, good mixing quality and high production efficiency. Applicable to general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects.

Mixer model
Discharge capacity
Feed capacity
13 m3/h
Mixing drum speed
15 r/min
15 r/min
Aggregate size
Water supply accuracy
Stirring motor
Lift motor
Pump motor

Product performance and advantages:

1. Smooth operation, low noise and no disturbance to the people.
2. Good mixing quality, high production efficiency and low energy consumption.
3. High degree of automation and simple operation.
4. Simple structure, easy to move and low maintenance cost.
It is suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects, and is especially suitable for construction in urban residential areas.

product presentation

The concrete mixer consists of a mixing drum, a roller and a drive train.

The mixing drum is the working part of the concrete mixer. The mixing drum is double-conical. Two pairs of high and low sheets are welded in the cylinder. They are arranged at an angle with the axis of the mixing drum. When the mixing drum rotates, the blades lift the material. At the same time, the material is also axially twitched, so the stirring motion is relatively strong, and the homogenous concrete can be achieved by stirring for 35-45 seconds.

Inside the discharge cone of the mixing drum, a pair of discharge vanes are welded to change the direction of rotation of the mixing drum, and the concrete is pushed from the bottom vane to the discharge vane and out of the cylinder.

It can be used for mixing dry hard concrete, concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars. It is a high-efficiency Concrete mixer with a wide range of applications.

Engineering case

The discharge capacity of the mixing drum is 0.35-0.75 cubic meters, each stirring cycle is 100 seconds, and the equipment rate per hour is 12-35 cubic meters.


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Q:Do you have set up an independent factory?

A:We have our own factory. Has the specialized cement machinery product equipment factory, also has the large-scale cement drain pipe production factory.

Q:What can you do for us?

 A:1. Before sales can be targeted to give some constructive Suggestions.
2.Make a specific plan for your needs.
3. After sales reference specific products, different products have different services. Refer to the specific product description.

Q: Can you do the basic design for us?

A: Yes, we have a professional team with rich experience in basic design of cement pipe making equipment with CAD software. You just need to tell us your ideas and requirements, and we will provide you with the most perfect design.

Q:Can your engineers train our workers in our factories?
Yes, we have a very large engineering installation team that can train and instruct your workers to operate the installation equipment.

Q:If we provide the parameter requirements, can we make it to order?
We provide customized services as long as you provide the appropriate drawings and product requirements.

Q:How long is your lead time?
Our delivery time varies according to the quantity of the order, usually around 30 days.

Our factory to "reasonable price, high production efficiency, good after-sales service" for the purpose. We hope to cooperate with more customers for common development and mutual benefit. We welcome potential customers to contact us.
We warmly welcome you to visit our factory! We look forward to building successful business relationships with new customers around the world in the future.

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