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South Korea
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Sports Sunglasses
Lenses Material
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Red, Black

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1. What is the difference between Ken Block sunglasses and other products?
Kenblock sunglasses have a bright and clear view using a proven lens that blocks 99.99% of ultraviolet rays, unlike goggles, they do not show any grounding or distortion of the putting line, so you can put it on while wearing it. (A lot of domestic caddies use it.)

2. What is a polarizing lens?
Polarized lenses block light reflected from the water, so you can see well into the water when fishing. The polarization coating goes in once more, so it's a little darker than regular lenses, and my eyes are more tired when I play golf. Fishing people need it, but regular lenses that block ultraviolet rays are more convenient during outdoor activities.

3. Why do you have to wear sunglasses during outdoor activities?
Due to global warming, the ozone layer has become thinner and ultraviolet rays have become stronger. Ultraviolet rays can cause ophthalmic diseases such as presbyopia and cataracts. In the past, presbyopia came in the 50s and 60s, but these days presbyopia comes in the 40s. Sunglasses used to be an optional fashion product, but now they are a must for eye health

4. How long do sunglasses last?
The lifetime of sunglasses lenses is about 2 to 3 years Since sunglasses lenses are expendable, you should change them or change them once every two to three years.

5. Can I put polarizing lenses in a regular lens product?
It's possible. There will be an additional cost of 30,000 won.

6. Can I change the color of the lens or legs for the sunglasses I chose?
Yes, it's possible. Kenblak sunglasses are custom made. If you order the color of the lens or legs you want, we will make it and send it directly. There are five colors for the lens: blue, red, green, silver, and black.

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