Made in Japan P & G Clothes Cleaning 4D Soda Laundry Pods High Efficiency Laundry Detergent Pods 12 Pieces in Original Container

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Surfactant (66%: Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, alkyl ether sulfate ester salt, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, pure soap (fatty acids)), stabilizing agent (propylene glycol), dispersant, metal sealant, fragrance, water softener, enzymes, optical brightening agents.


  • Gel Ball 4D with strong washes for a burst of cleaning power

  • Wash the deposits and erysleeve stains that have been given up with no bleach for one time. * (*According to P&G research. Depending on the degree of dirt, the degree of stain removal may vary. )

  • Naturally, it is thoroughly antibacterial* (*Does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria. )

  • Use gel balls for drying room to break away dry odors

  • Can be mildew resistant even without a washing machine cleaner

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