Global Vendor Selling Reliable Quality Aluminium Metal Material 640g Smartwhip Silver Whip Cream Chargers (11000005573791)

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Global Vendor Selling Reliable Quality Aluminium Metal Material 640g Smartwhip Silver Whip Cream Chargers 



 Product NameCream Charger 
 Test Pressure 165 bar
 Material Metal
 Metal Type Aluminium
 Color Blue RAL5010, Custom
 Label EU dangerous goods label
 Bottom White Foot
 Shelf Life 2 Years


Quality guaranteed: Purity and pressure tested at 165 bar by our EU-based manufacturer, our product conforms to all European laws and regulations.
Improved sustainability: A non-toxic, odourless and impermeable material that doesn’t rust, aluminium is better for the environment and consumers. It’s endlessly recyclable and transfers no metallic flavour to food.

Sleek design: Featuring a luxurious, sleek design, Smartwhip Silver sits perfectly on a kitchen or bar counter, giving guests a glimpse of the extraordinary creations that the device can create.

Low in weight, high in efficiency: The drop in weight from the aluminium casing significantly reduces transport costs, making Smartwhip Silver a practical solution for caterers and wholesalers alike.








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Q: Is smartwhip safe to use in the kitchen?
A: Yes, in fact, we are constantly putting all our efforts in making smartwhip as safe as possible in the production of all its components. Please refer to the care and safety section to learn more about using smartwhip safely.


Q: What type of cream dispensers are compatible with Smartwhip?
A: With the custom screw that comes with Smartwhip, any cream dispenser can be converted as compatible with the system. Smartwhip is especially designed to be universal as an acknowledgement to the wide and diverse range of cooks (and homecooks) who would appreciate its use.


Q: How can I dispose the cylinder? Will it be recycled?
A: Fortunately, Smartwhip cylinders are made out of recyclable steel which means that you can dispose them together with your metal trash for collection. Please note that these cylinders are not refillable and must then be recycled once empty.




Q: The cream produced is too thick?
A: This may have been due to overshaking the cream dispenser. Note that the recommended time of doing this is around 10-15 seconds.


Q: The cream is not produced at all?
A: This may mean that there has not been enough pressure placed in the dispenser or that the dispenser is clogged. If the case is the latter, run the dispenser nozzle under warm water for a few minutes and try again by shaking the dispenser vigorously.


Q: The cream dispenser would not be unscrewed?
A: If this occurs, run the top of the dispenser under warm water to help loosen the head. This may be due to the obstruction of the top of the dispenser or from overshaking the dispenser, as shaking it too much can result in an overly dense cream or liquid. 









Care & Safety



Safety is our biggest concern and priority. Every cylinder is tested and approved by our producer in Italy which ensures the high-grade quality of the product. All the components of the Smartwhip system are manufactured within the European Union and are built to conform to all the current laws and regulations.


  • Please only use with the certified Smartwhip System to avoid any injuries.

  • Keep out of reach from children.

  • Smartwhip must only be used for catering purposes. If we suspect your intention for misuse, we have the right to refuse to sell the product.

  • Make sure to place the pressure regulator on the cylinder correctly.

  • Make sure to hold the cylinder and cream dispenser upright while doing the refilling process.

  • Keep Smartwhip away from the sun and only in room temperature (50C max temperature)

  • Only use approved cream dispensers (30 bar)

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