Оптический отбеливатель Ob 1 желтовато оба 393 пластиковые отбеливающий агент Ob1

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Optical Brightener Ob-1 Yellowish Oba 393 Plastic Whitening Agent Ob1. Fluorescent Brightener 393, Fluorescent whitening agent OB-1, 2,2’-(4,4’-diphenylethyl) dibenzoxazole, CAS NO.1533-45-5, molecular formula C28H18N2O2, bright green or bright yellow crystalline powder, insoluble in water, odorless, the stable maximum absorption wavelength is 374 nm, and the fluorescence emission wavelength is 434 nm.Optical Brightener OB-1 has the advantages of excellent whitening effect, excellent thermal stability, less addition, etc. . It is used for polyester fiber whitening. At present, it is widely used to whiten plastic products and recycled plastic products, such as recycled polyester staple fiber, recycled PVC, and also ABS, PS, HIPS, PC, PP, PE, Eva and rigid PVC.

Chemical Name
Optical Brightener OB-1
Bright green-yellow powder
25kg / DRUM OR 25KG / CARTON
Melting point
(g/100 g solution) at 20° C:
Maximum absorption wavelength
374 nm
Maximum emission wavelength
434 nm
Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances

Optical Brightener Ob-1 Yellowish Oba 393 Plastic Whitening Agent Ob1 can be used:
(1) apply to polyester fiber, nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber and other chemical fiber whitening.
(2) suitable for whitening and brightening of polypropylene plastic, ABS, Eva, polystyrene, polycarbonate, etc. .
(3) suitable for the addition of polyester and nylon in conventional polymerization.

The dosage of theOptical Brightener Ob-1 Yellowish Oba 393 Plastic Whitening Agent Ob1:
Reference usage:
(1) polyvinyl chloride:
Whitening: 0.01-0.06% (10g-60g/100kg)
Transparent: 0.0001-0.001% (0.1 g-1g/100kg)
(2)Polystyrene (PS) :
Whitening: 0.01-0.05% (10g-50g/100kg)
Transparent: 0.0001-0.001% (0.1 g-1g/100kg)
(3) polyvinyl chloride:
Whitening: 10g-50g/100kg
Transparent: 0.1 g-1g/100kg

Founded in 2003, Jinan Ogilvy Chemical Co Ltd is a professional China Manufacturers in optical brightener, pigment and titanium dioxide. Sale and R&D more than 15 years! Now we have 8 production lines with several kinds of optical brightener and pigment such as OB, OB-1, CBS-127,CBS-X,Pigment Blue,Solvent Blue, Solvent Violet etc and our annual output of optical brightener totally is nearly 3000MT per year!

Our optical brightener and pigment now are very popular in the global market and very widely used in the fields of plastic, chemical fiber, cosmetic,coating, painting, ink, textile printing & dyeing, detergent and paper making etc! For now, we have already exported our optical brightener and pigment to all over the world more than 60 countries & areas mainly include Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, South America and Africa etc!

Advanced Equipment

Professional Sales Team

One R & D Center, two quality control labs.At the same time, we work with universities such as QILU university to conduct technology research and product testing.
Own 2 quality inspection teams to carry out at least 20 inspection tasks every day.
Good and long term after-sales service.Own professional after-sales team,rapid response within 2 hours to supply professional production guidance.

Production Certifications

Each fluorescent whitening agent and pigment has been strictly factory production and product quality testing, with product COA, TDS, MSDS and other certificates, and through third-party quality testing, obtain PC certificate, Shipping and air freight authentication report, etc. .


Participated in the chemical exhibition of professional optical brighteners and pigments at China and abord, for example, Shanghai International Industry Exhibition, Shanghai Pigment Exhibition, Pakistan online industry exhibition, Kenya Exhibition, Vietnam rubber and plastic industry exhibition. Our fluorescent brightening agents and pigments in the United States, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia and other countries have been praised by customers.

Efficient Transportation

Chemical Fluorescent Brightener and pigment transportation, support air, land, sea transportation.
We can supply DDP service for optical brightener and pigment, deliver the goods directly to the client’s designated location.

Q:What is your minimum order quantity?
Any quantity of order will be taken seriously. Corporate with a number of international shipping agents. Rapid delivery service.
Q:What is the price?
For an accurate quote, please provide us with more details like logo or packaging customization requirements/quantity preference/shipping address, etc.
Q:Can I get a sample?
If you interested in our optical brightener/pigment/titanium dioxide, please feel free to contact me. FREE SAMPLES are waiting for you.
Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
Q:About payment terms of the chemical products?
Support various payment terms. We support payment by Alibaba Trade Assurance. In this way ,your payment safety is assured.What’s more, for any delay in delivery or quality issues, Alibaba can return your money in advance.Thus ,there’s no risk for you at all this international trade.In addition, we also support T/T, LC, D/P and so on.
We can supply DDP service, deliver the goods directly to the address you specify.
Q:How long will it take to ship to my address?
For international shipping, it depends on the product quantity and delivery address. For a specific estimate, please provide details of QUANTITY/ADDRESS/ so that I can quote the most cost-effective option.
Q:Can I customize optical brightening agent and pigment products?
Yes. We can offer OEM service: the products and the package can be with your LOGO and design which is free of charge.
Let me know the specific customization requirements, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Q:Do you offer after-sales service?
Professional Sales Team and Responsible After Sales Team.
Good and long term after-sales service.Own professional after-sales team,rapid response within 2 hours to supply professional production guidance.
Q:Can you provide your certifications?
Strict Quality Control and Testing Team.
Own professional quality inspection report, such as TDS MSDS COA and PC and so on.

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