Organic Mushroom & Oats porridge

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Product Overview


Organic Mushroom & Oats porridge

A collaboration between organic shiitake mushrooms and superfood grains like oats and brown rice, which is vegan and nutritious porridge for a simple meal replacement.
A nutritious convenience food for busy modern people that can be consumed within 3 minutes by pouring hot beverages (water, milk, soy milk), etc.
Shiitake mushroom porridge with a high antioxidant effect, especially required in the pandemic era, helps to improve immunity.

The health of your precious meal, which is easy to be lax because you are busy, OSONDOSON, a reliable organic fermented health food specialist, will take care of your health. Organic mushroom porridge is nutrition porridge made with 100% organic grains and vegetables.

Products Description

1. Organic mushroom porridge is made with 100% organic oats and vegetables that are nutritious.
2. No additives, sweeteners, preservatives, or other chemicals have been added.
3. Pour boiling water and take it after 2 minutes. It will be a delicious porridge.
4. Mushroom porridge is a series of three products, oat porridge, roasted rice porridge, and brown rice porridge.

Oats are rich in protein, dietary fiber, and essential amino acids, making them the only grain among the top 10 health foods selected by Time magazine in 2002.
Oats chosen as superfoods have twice as much vitamin and four times more calcium than brown rice and are also helpful for bone health and for making the belly slim.
It is also called the king of grain because it has a lot of protein and fiber.

Key Features

1. Contains organic shiitake mushroom to have the effect of anti- oxidation
2. Carefully selected safe and sustainable raw materials
3. Safety inspection of the entire line-up by an authorized inspection agency
4. Contains a daily nutrition from steamed brown rice, oat and vegetables
5. A easy to eat vegan porridge


1. Manufactured in own factory
2. Honest price through direct production/distribution

How to eat

1. Easy to eat by pouring hot water in 1~3 min.
2. Enjoy organic porridge with pouring hot water, milk or soymilk

Certification Status

Organic certification, 6th Industrial, HACCP


Product NameOrganic Mushroom & Oats porridge
Ingredients83% organic oats, 10% organic dried mushrooms, 2% organic carrots, 2% organic garlic, 2% organic green onions, 1% organic onions
OriginRepublic of Korea



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