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Rolled Oats

To create rolled oats, whole grain groats are first steamed, then rolled flat into flakes. Sometimes referred to as “old-fashioned” oats, rolled oats cook faster than steel-cut oats and are a great source of soluble fiber (beta glucans) along with other phytochemicals such as avenanthramides. Rolled oats provide a rich oat flavor to a variety of common products like granola bars, cookies, muffins, cereals, and beverages because they can provide flavor, texture, and nutrition.

Rolled Oats Products

Baby Rolled Oats

Instant Rolled Oats

Quick Rolled Oats

Regular Rolled Oats

Thick Rolled Oats

Oat Crush

Oat Crush

Oat flakes that are shredded to a coarse flour-like consistency. Oat crush is often used as a textural ingredient and for absorption and thickening.



NutrientsExtra fine WOF Value/ 100gDebranned OF Value/ 100g
Calories (kcal)379404
Total Fat (g)6.529.12
Protein (g)13.1514.66
Saturated Lipid (g)1.111.61
Monounsat. Lipid (g)1.982.87
Polyunsat. Lipid (g)2.33.33
trans-Fatty Acid (g)0
Cholesterol (mg)0
Total Carbohydrate (g)67.765.7
Total Dietary Fiber (g)10.16.5
Sugars (g)0.990.8
Ash (g)1.771.97
Sodium (mg)619
Calcium (mg)5255
Potassium (mg)362371
Iron (mg)4.254
Phosphorus (mg)410452
Total Vitamin A (IU)0
Vitamin C(mg)0



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