Pringles Original (1 x 165 gr)

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we currently have a stock of pringles 40g, 65, 150g, 154g, 161g, 165g ,169g and 187g available at competitive prices.

pringles original 40g
pringles sour cream & onion 40g
pringles hot& spicy 40g
pringles papika 40g
pringles original 165g
pringles sour cream & onion 165g
pringles hot& spicy 165g
pringles papika 165g
pringles original
pringles salt &vinegar 169g
pringles sour cream & onion 169g
pringles cheddar 169g
pringles bbq 169g
pringles loaded baked potato 169g
pringles jalapeno 169g
pringles ranch 169g
pringles honey mustard 169g
pringles pizza 169g
pringles multigrain original 169g
pringles multigrain farmhouse cheddar 187g
pringles multigrain sour cream & onion 187g
pringles french onion dip 161g
pringles lightly salted 169g
pringles xtreme blastin'buffalo wing 169g
pringles screamin'dill pickle 169g
pringles cheezummms cheddar & sour cream 169g
pringles cheezummms mild jalapeno cheddar 169g
pringles cheezummms four cheese 169g
pringles reduced fat original 150g
pringles reduced fat sour cream & onion 160g
pringles fat free original 154g
pringles fat free sour cream & onion 154g

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