Best Quality Natural and Non GMO Yellow Soybean Seeds / Soybean / Soya beans High Quality Canada Origin Soybeans

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The soybean is one of the richest and cheapest sources of protein and is a staple in the diets of people and animals in numerous parts of the world. The seed contains 17 percent oil and 63 percent meal, 50 percent of which is protein. Because soybeans contain no starch, they are a good source of protein for diabetics.

14% Max
Protein content
38% Min
Foreign Material
1% Max
Damaged Kernels Total
2 % Max
Human consumption, animal feed
5% Max
in bulk container, in bag 30kg, 45kg

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Company Profile

Duy Minh Joint Stock Company (Duyminhjsc) is established under the law of Vietnam, engaging in the export of ethanol, trade, service, real estate and educational consultancy. Duyminhjsc has an edge o­n other companies because it was established by a group of self-motivated founding members who possess commercial sensibilities and have expertise and experience in the registered areas of practice of the company, and the capability to conduct fast capital mobilization.

After 14 operating and developing years, Duyminhjsc was established and placed itself in the domestic and international markets.

With the edge of export of ethanol products, Duyminhjsc is one of the leading Vietnamese companies which has introduced purified ethanol product in Vietnam with a worldwide market.Regarding to the various kinds of ethanol (95% made from cassava, 96% made from molasses and 99.5% min with various quality (used in industry, i,e, food, cosmetic, medicine, biological energy manufacturer), we have exported ethanol to more than 20 countries around the world such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Egypt, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Philippines…

You want to find experienced ethanol exporters who understand local rules and regulations of your country, and then you find the right place

1. We know how to make your tariff is 0% (*)
2. We know how to make documents so that you can take goods out within 24-48 hours
3. We can advise you which quality you should buy to meet your business purpose.
4. We know many things that we don’t write here because it is secret business we can share only for our clients.(*) Applied for some countries except Africa
5. We are very familiar with rules, regulations and business cultures of Asian, Muslim and African customers which are very important in dealing ethanol business because it is food grade, flammable goods asking license to import.
6. We make complicated things to simple. We can do make OEM exactly the packaging and label you ask so that you just take them from container and deliver directly to your customers without hesitate. We can do all kind of packaging isotank (24,000L) to 220L HDPE drums to 20L pails. We also customize labels as client’s request.


1. Which products can you supply?
We can supply food grade ethanol and industrial grade ethanol with 95% min, 96% min, 99.5% min made from cassava, molasses.

2. What is your product main?
Our product main are ethanol and sugar cane molasses
Ethanol: food grade ethanol 96% min (LSDM and ENA) and industrial grade ethanol 95% min.
Sugar cane molasses.

3. Is your product ethanol 95% made from cassava good?
Yes. It is quite good, however it is often used 10% for food grade and 90% for industrial grade.

4. Can we have ethanol without smell?
Our ethanol has natural sweet smell. I well understand that if you use for cosmetics, it needs to be refined to remove the smell

5. Which smell is lighter between ethanol from molasses and cassava
Ethanol from molasses has better smell

6. We use ethanol to manufacture Vodka, we should use ethanol from cassava or molasses?
You can use any kind, however, to keep vodka feature, I would like to send both samples to use to test and give me your final decision.

7. Can you denature ethanol with Bitrex?
Yes, of course. We can denature ethanol with Bitrex as your requirement (about 5ppm, 7ppm, 10ppm, 12ppm,…The fees for adding Bitrex is around 100USD. We will free this fee if your volume is big.

8. Any chemicals you can denature with ethanol?
We can add any chemical as your requirement such as IPA, methanol, TBA, SOC,…

9. Can we have your COA?
Yes, of course, you can visit our web site to get it:

10. Which kind of Certificate can you make?
We can make any certificate for each market to get imported tax (0%) as below:
1. CO form D for Asian’s market: Indonesia, Philippine, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore
2. CO form AK for Korea’s market
3. CO form AJ for Japan’s market
4. CO form AANZ for Australia’s and New Zealand’s markets
5. CO form B for the rest markets
You can refer all CO in our website:

11. Can I know about the payment? Can you accept with payment after 30 shipment date
Due to we already signed some conditions with our banks and our banks just accept 2 payment terms: TT 40/60 or irrevocable LC at sight 100% at the first class bank. Hence, we are very sorry for this inconvenience caused to you.

12. When we take 100,000 liters monthly, if we have more completive price?
Yes, sure

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