Evaporated Milk / Skimmed Condensed Milk/Cheap Evaporated Milk in Cans (11000007821959)

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Product Overview


Sweetened Condensed Creamer
Featuring a delicately balanced sweet and milky profile, Custom Condenz from france Redsun is a suitable replacement for liquid condensed milk. With a superior shelf life and better consistency, the product is widely used in the production of beverages as well as in baking.
Advantages:•Rich flavour & aroma

•Good solubility

•Easy to handle & operate

•Easy to store

•Easy to handle

•Stable shelf life
Applications :Coffee, Milk Tea, Chocolate Drinks, Ice Cream, Puddings, Cakes, Bread Filling.


Product Specifications

Brix (%) : 45

Fat Content (%) : 8


Processing Type : Sterilized

Flavor :

Packaging : Can ( Tinned)

Certification : QS, HACCP, ISO

Coagulation : 0

Shelf Life : 12MONTHS

Weight (kg) : 25


Fat content7.5%-15.5%

Protein34% Non-fat milk solids min

Moisture27% max

remade milk acidity48°T max

Impurity scale16 ppm max

Sucrose45% max

Coliforms10 max

Total Number of Bacteria30000 max

PathogensNot Detected


Not Detected

Shelflife: 378g/tin is 12 months, and other packing is 6 months under normal temperature and sealed.

Packing: 378g/tin*24tins in one carton or 5kg/tin*4tins in one carton or 25kg/tin.

Origin: South Africa

Storage: Keep in shade, dry and well ventilated place.



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