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 Exporters of Red Lentils!

Whole and Split Lentils are available!

Material from Turkey and Canada!


Specification of Spilt Red Lentils:


ParameterRequirements                                  Comments/ Variation
Physical CharacteristicsGood colour lentils: Split lentils having a clean and bright appearance. The lentils shall be milled from hard and well-filled whole red lentil seed.
Purity99.70% min. by weightSplit lentils, whole Lentils and caps...
Moisture8% max--
Foreign Material0.25% max by weightUnmillable material (i.e. includes soil, stones, metals and non-vegetable matter) and all vegetable matter other than Lentil seed material including detached seed coats....
Poor colour0.25% max by weightKernel that is distinctly off colour from the characteristic colour of the predominating class. Includes lentils that are brown, black, green and / or yellow.
Chalky white disease0.25% max by weight--
Caps0.25% max by weightCaps are those seed coats adhering to split or broken see measured as a combined weight
Dehulled whole lentils3% max by weight--
Broken and /or kibble lentils3% max by weightLentil seed material that passes through a round hole screen. Northfield = 2.87mm; all other varieties - 3mm
Screen sizeNorthfield = 2.80mm round holeLentil material broken or kibble if falls through.
All other varieties – 3 mm round hole
Field insectsNil toleranceDead per  200 G sample!
Foreign seeds2 cereal seeds max.Cereal seeds  exception only.


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