Индивидуальный сервис 90 градусов DC 1500V 62893 IEC 126 2*10 мм2 умный EV DC зарядный кабель производство Великобритании кабели зарядный кабель (11000008451349)

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Product Overview



Technical Data

OD mm
PP Rope
Wrapped Material
wrapped Non-woven Fabric
Standard Thickness mm
Thinnest Thickness mm
OD mm

1. Shaft mounted; disc diameter 800mm~1400mm;
2. Packaging materials comply with RoHS2.0 requirements;

1. Product structure: 2×10+1×4+3×(2×0.75)(P2)
2. Rated voltage: 1500V; Rated temperature: Insulation: -40°C~+125°C Sheath: -40°C~+90°C;
3. Conductor resistance (20°C): 10mm²≤1.91Ω/Km; 4mm²≤4.95Ω/Km; 0.75mm²≤26Ω/Km;
4. Main line line-line insulation resistance: 3500V DC 15min ≥500MΩ; leakage current: 3500V DC 15min ≤5mA;
5. The minimum bending radius of the cable is 6D;
6. Aging, thermal shock, weather resistance, friction resistance, halogen-free, swing test, low temperature impact test, bending test, damp heat test, high and low temperature cycle test, extrusion resistance test, compatibility test, chemical liquid resistance test, refer to IEC 62893;
7. Refer to IEC 60332-1-2 for flame retardant;
8. The product refers to the requirements of IEC62893-4-1;
9. Comply with RoHS2.0, REACH requirements.

62893 IEC 126 2×10+1×4+3×(2×0.75)(P2) DC 1.5kV IEC 62893-4-1 HONGQI CABLE GROUP
The appearance is round, bright and clean, without cracks, and the printing is clear and not easy to wipe off.


Product packaging


Customized Service

We have many specifications for customer to check.If there is no one meet your requirements.Don't worry for it.We are the professional manufacturer of ev charger cable products.Just tell us all requirements you need,we can supply customized service for you.

Hongqi Cable Electric Instrument Group Co., Ltd. is the professional EV cable manufacturer,which located in Yueqing,Zhejiang province,China.
Our company has 8 subsidiaries and more than 300 sales companies. The parent company specializes in the production of wire and cable and has 11 automatic rubber sulfur production lines and more than 200 other professional equipment. Main production: high-voltage cables for automobiles, cables for automobile charging piles, flame-retardant cables for coal mines, flame-retardant communication cables for coal mines, shield machine cables, general-purpose rubber-sheathed cables, electric welding machine cables, electric scraper cables, pile driver cables, Elevator cables, special cables for oil fields, twist-resistant flexible cables for wind power generation, silicone rubber cables, electric hoist cables, high and low voltage cross-linked power cables, overhead cables, control cables, civil wire cables, computer cables, high temperature cables, fireproof cables and Low-smoke and halogen-free, isolated flame-retardant, fire-resistant and environmental protection and other special cables. With its advanced technology, reliable quality, high-quality service and reasonable price, Hongqi cable has been widely used in the fields of electric power, water conservancy, coal, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, transportation, communication and urban infrastructure construction.
The company has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of honesty, morality first, and self-improvement, and has continuously carried out product innovation and management innovation. It has long hired senior engineers from Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute as corporate technical consultants, strictly controlled raw materials, and established a cable material manufacturing company. In Jiangxi Copper Company of Hongqi Group, a group company testing center was established. Detect and track the source of raw materials.
Welcome to contact and build long time business relation with you.


What can we test ?
Oxygen Index Test
Volume resistivity and surface resistivity test of insulation/sheath
Low temperature tensile, impact and winding tests of insulation/sheath
Crack resistance test of insulation/sheath
Load combustion test
Vulcanization characteristic test
Conductor DC resistance test
Partial discharge test
Flame retardant test
Air box thermal aging test
Thermal extension test
Mineral oil resistance test
fire test
capacitance test
Structural dimension measurement
Vulcanization characteristic test
Viscosity test
plasticity test
Shore hardness measurement
Resilience test
Flexibility and Adhesion Tests
peel test
Breakdown voltage test
Paint film continuity test
Softening breakdown test
Fluorine content test

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