Natural Latex Rubber 60% Drc Liquid Latex Concentrate Reasonable Price (11000009027218)

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Natural Rubber Cup Lump with Drc of 70% for sale at a low rate

We are at the world's leading natural rubber exporter. Natural rubber is the second most important export commodity after cocoa. The annual production of rubber is estimated at more than 250,000 tons. If you'd like to order from one of the largest producer rubber or get more information, please contact us. Our team is always available and ready to respond.
We also deal in Latex Reclaim Rubber which has around 90 % Rubber content and hence of very good quality compared to others.
We also deal in Latex Reclaim Rubber which has around 90 % Rubber content and hence of very good quality compared to others.
It is made from the scrap of latex hand gloves, condoms, etc
The same is used to replace natural rubber to seme extend.
We can supply the same at a very competitive prices for both color and black rubber compound i.e. white and black.

Why Our Natural Raw Rubber?
1).Excellent quality
2).Highly Accurate
3).Used in transportation and medical sector
4).Non-toxic in nature
6).Used in automobile industry

Natural rubber sheet use range and storage method:
Widely used in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratories etc..
Store in a dry, ventilated environment, away from heat, and away from the ground and walls more than 20cm. Avoid contamination by acids, alkalis and oils. Do avoid direct sunlight.
R - Natural rubber sheeting Natural rubber sheeting has mechanical properties making it particularly appreciated in environments subject to heavy wear due to friction, or where it is constantly exposed to impact or direct contact with abrasive elements.
Properties: 1. High flexibility,good comprehensive physical mechanic performance. 2. Excellent mechanical properties. 3. Available in a wide range of hardnesses from 35º to 90º Sh.A, popular in 35 shore, 38 shore, 40 shore 4. Low compression set and high resilience. 5. Excellent dynamic and rebound properties. 6. Temperature range: -50º C to +90º C. etc. 7.Resistance to chemicals; good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Its contact with oils and hydrocarbons is not advisable.

RSS 1 : Top 1 Ribbed Smoked Sheets RSS 1 refers to Ribbed Smoked Sheets, produced from natural rubber latex as ribbed sheets, by coagulation with acids and sheeting, properly air dried and smoked, and visually graded. Ribbed smoked sheets (RSS) are graded based on visual assessment of quality. The International Rubber Quality and PackingConference (IRQPC) have specified the grade descriptions, to establish acceptable grades for commercial usage.

Specification (RSS1)






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