ultrasonic lever transmitter General Purpose Liquid Ultrasonic Level Sensor Safe 4 20 mA Output ultrasonic level meter (11000009143815)

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Product Overview


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Product Description

The main performance characteristics:

The ultrasonic level meter is a universal level meter that draws on the strengths of many level meters at home and abroad. It is a general-purpose level meter with a fully digital and humanized design concept, with perfect level measurement and control, data transmission and human-machine communication functions. The ultrasonic level meter adopts modular circuit design and military quality multi-layer PCB board, with a tight hardware structure and reasonable layout. The product supports isolated 4-20mA, HART output, built-in GPRS, LORA, GPS, RF, Bluetooth and other wireless data transmission, but also according to customer needs to add modules to achieve other functions.The ultrasonic level meter adopts imported industrial grade chips, digital temperature compensation, etc...related special integrated circuits. With strong anti-interference, can be set arbitrarily upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment, and with a field display, the shell using engineering plastic ABS waterproof shell, the shell is small and quite strong. The ultrasonic level meter can meet most of the liquid level and material level measurement requirements without contacting industrial media, completely solving the shortcomings of pressure type, capacitor type, float type and other traditional measurement methods such as entanglement, blockage, leakage, media corrosion and maintenance inconvenience.


Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields related to material level and liquid level measurement and control.


Product parameters



Product name

ultrasonic level meter


18-28VDC (2-wire), 12-24VDC, 220VAC, internal battery power

Output Signal

4 to 20mA RL>600Ω (standard), HART (2-wire system), 1 to 5V\\1 to 10V , RS485 (optional Bluetooth conversion accessory)


5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40m (optional when ordering) Blind spot:


OLED Chinese and English menus (with self illumination) Minimum display resolution: 1mm

Operating frequency

20 to 350 KHz

Instrument material

ABS engineering plastic, PP



Electrical interface

M20X1.5(two sets)

Installation interface

M60X2 or ¢61MM round hole (with large nut), DN80 non-standard flange

Into the cable

inside the terminal user to determine the working environment: room temperature, atmospheric pressure

Product display

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1.Q: How long is the delivery?

   -- Mostly within 10days

 2.Q:Can I get a sample? 

   --  Sure, contact our sales please

 3.Q:What is your MOQ? 

   --  1pcs

 4.Q: How about warranty time? 

   -- 12-18month

 5.Q: How can I visit your factory?

  -- Fly to Xian Yang air port, it’s our pleasure to pick you up.

 6.Q:How do you control your quality ? 

    -- We have EPR system .we control from parts, process, testing, packing ,retesting.

        Every Sensor will be tested two times before reach you, after that sport test for the third time. Make sure about the quantity.






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