Refined LME Pure Metal Lead Ingots Belt Packing Dimensions Color Weight Net Origin Certificate Blank Shape Warranty Sample Days (11000009181803)

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The lead ingot is rectangular and has protruding ears at both ends. It is a soft blue-white metal. Density 11.34g/cm3, melting point 327℃
1, lead ingot surface without slag, particulate oxygen, inclusion and foreign pollution.
2, lead ingot without cold insulation, no more than 10mm flying burr (allow trimming).


Lead plate, refers to the plate made of metal lead rolling, the common thickness is 1-20mm, the common specification is
1000*2000M, mostly made of 1# electrolytic lead. · Lead plate, with strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, acid environment construction, hospital radiation protection, X. Light, CT room ray protection, weight, sound insulation and many other aspects, and is a relatively cheap material.

All of our lead shielding products are 99.994% pure with material content not greater than 0.006%. Conforming to ASTM
B749-038QQ-L-201F grade C. Our pure lead sheet thickness tolerance is +/-0.005 and cut size tolerance is 0.125".



Product Name

Lead ingot sheet/plate


GB:Pb1, Pb2, Pb3, PbSb0.5, PbSb2, PbSb4, PbSb6, PbSb8,PbSb3.5, PbSn4.5-

Brinell Hardness

5.0 HB=38.3 MPa


As required


600-2200mm as required


0.3-500mm or as required


Anti Radiation ,X-Ray Shielding.X-Ray Room,DR Room,CT Room,
Use of a safety beam to ensure safe access of persons.







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