Automatic Screw assembly fixing machine for electric junction box

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1.Scope of use

Customized order machine,  The automatic screwdriver machine is Used in various industries, such as mobile phones, hard drives, keyboards, toys, communication equipment, electrical appliances, small appliances, electronics, instrumentation, power supplies, furniture, LED, communications, computer keyboards, optical industry, plastics, electric wheel hub and so on.

Screw assembly industry (keyboards, toys, power strip, lighting, telephones, calculators, case, charger, etc.); auto parts and other electronic processing assembly

2. Automatic screw driving machine features:

1) Versatility. Small size, can be used with production line work, replace the product convenient.

2) Manpower just pick and place products, automatic fixing screw and be able to judge whether the screws fixed or not, alarm to distinguish defective products.

3) High efficiency. A few of the power granted simultaneously, can replace several workers, the machine can simultaneously assembly different products. Screw number can be customized according to customer requirements.

4) Reduce labor intensity.

5) High automation. Simple, employees rapidly and master the operation and commissioning.

6) Torque accuracy. Easy to adjust, tighten quality assurance

3 , the performance parameters:

1) Screw number 2-12pcs is optional.

2) spindle position and height adjustable to accommodate different products quickly replaced.

3) can be used with fully automated assembly line operations.

4) Fixing speed : 2- 5 seconds / PCS, depending on the length of the screw.

5) Torque adjustment: Each axis can be individually adjusted.

6) Air source :5-7kg / cm2.

7) Power supply: 220V 50Hz Power 300W.

8) Suitable screws: M1--M8.

9) Using the screw head pattern such as: transverse, cross, triangle, plum, hex, H top.

10) the use of surface treatments such as screws: electroless nickel, pot black, color zinc plated, white zinc plated, copper and so on.

11) screws used materials such as: iron, copper, stainless steel. screwing products, materials such as plastics, iron, and aluminum and so on.

















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