arch roofing roll former machine for forming max. 36m span curve metal roof

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Product Overview


Arch Roofing Roll Forming Machine


Arch roofing roll forming machine is developed by ourselves with technology similar to ABM K span roll forming machine.


Arch roofing roll forming machine is comprised of mechanical expansion decoiler, straight panel forming unit, hydraulic mould cutting device, curving panel forming unit, control system, hydraulic system, run-out racks for straight and curve panels and all other accessories. All parts are installed on a mobile chassiss. So it is suitable for site working.


Features of the arch roofing roll forming machine:

-- Rollers are made of good steel, coated with rigid chrone.

-- There is an auto-feed device which can feed 0.6-1.5mm color steel sheets. During production, there is no need to adjust the clearance between top and bottom rollers.

-- Light and convenient hoist, only 2kg (those from USA is 30kg). And thus makes quick and convenient installation.

-- Large span, high corrugation, high tension strength, nutless, etc.

-- Improved control box and electric box, anti dust and weather proof.

-- Straight panel profile:

MIC-240 arched span roof profile.jpg



 Main technical data of the arch roofing roll forming machine:




Suitable material strength

Yield strength >280MPa

Suitable material width & thickness

0.5-1.5mm, 914mm

Mounting dimension

8900 x 2250 x 2500mm

Total weight

about 10500kg

Control system

electric control

Main forming unit driving motor power


Curving motor power


Electric cutting motor power


Material of rollers

45# steel, rigid chrome coated

Material of roller shafts

45# steel, tempered & hardened

Material of cutting blade

Cr12MoV, quenched

Stations of rollers

13 steps

Forming speed

10000~12000 mm/min

Max. span


Min. span



Supplying range of the arch roofing roll forming machine:

-- One mechanical expansion decoiler for coils

-- Straight panel forming unit

-- Curving panel forming unit

-- Electric control system

-- Electric mould cutter

-- One manual clamp (for clamping the beginning seam lock between two curved panels)

-- Small C chanel bending machine

-- Lifting clamps, 8 sets

-- Lifting steeve, three pieces

-- Lock seaming machine, one piece

-- Run-out racks for straight panel and curving panel: each 8 pcs

-- Hand clamp for clamping curved panels to let seamer seam two panels together): 1 piece

Photos of the arch roofing roll forming machine and the arch roofing construction project:

finished arched roof building.jpglifting arched span roof panel to roof.jpgroof top seaming.JPGarched span roof panel assemblying on ground.JPGmoving curved panel from machine to assembling place.JPGcurving arched span roof.JPG


Our Company:


1# Our company is the No. 1 who exported this arch roofing roll forming machine to overseas market in 2005!


2# We have sold this arch roofing roll forming machine to India, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Afghanistan, Brazil, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua....



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