Sodium Tetraborate (Borax)

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Product Overview


Product Description


Executive standard : Enterprise standard          

English name : Sodium borate

Chemical name : Sodium tetraborate                

CAS RN : 1330-43-4


1.Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Molecule formula : Na2B4O7      

1.2 Molecule weight : 201.22

1.3 Melting point : 742.5°C(for orthorhombic crystal A)664°C  (for orthorhombic crystal B) 

1.4 Density : 2.28 (A orthorhombic crystal)  (B orthorhombic crystal)

1.5 Properties: Its hygroscopicity is extremely strong. It is dissolved in water. It can be slowly dissolved in methanol and formed a solution of 13-16% concentration


2.Uses :

Sodium Borate is mainly used in the manufacturing high quality glass, optical glass, glaze of pottery and 

porcelain, glaze of enamel, detergent, bleaching agent, cleaning agents, flame retardant, rust inhibitor and caking agent,It could be also used as the supporter of the lubricant used in metal wiredrawing, the stabilizer and skeleton former in refractory material, the wraping-flux in metallurgy, the set retarder of cement and concrete, the buffer of PH value in water system and emulsifier of paraffin. 


3. Safety descriptiom:

the product is haful.It will harm body's health by swallowing,breathing in eyes contacting,skin contacting,eye contacting will lead to irritation.Mouse orai:LD 50=1060mg/kg; rat oral:LD50=1200mg/kg.Wear safety-protective glasses dust proof gauze musk,rubber gloves during handing it.


4. Package:

It is packde in woven bag,in which should be put two strata of plastic bags,the net wieght is 25kg a bag.


5. Storage:

It should be stored in a shady,ventilating and dry storehouse.Its shelf life is one year.It can be still used if up to standard through retest after the specified date under normal storage condition,sodium borate is a stable crystal,and can't lead to chemical change.If it was moistened it would react with water and release trace heat and result in sodium borate with ten crystal waters so that should properly take care of it,can't expose it in moist environment or environment of very big change in tempearature and humidity,if not it will agglomerate.therefore it is necessary to ensure a well package.



Should aviod rain drenched,moistened,and can't take mixed transporting with strong oxidants during transportation.



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