FISHER 67CFR Pressure Gas Regulator 67CFR-239 Filter Regulator

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Product Overview


Product Description

Fisher 67CFR-239 direct-operated regulators and filter regulators are typically used to provide constantly controlled, reduced pressures to pneumatic and electropneumatic controllers and other instruments. These are suitable for most air or gas applications. Other applications include providing reduced pressures to air chucks, air jets, and spray guns.

Principle of Operation
Downstream pressure is registered internally on the lower side of the diaphragm. When the downstream
pressure is at or above the set pressure, the valve plug is held against the orifi ce and there is no fl ow through the regulator. When demand increases, downstream pressure drops slightly allowing the spring to extend,

moving the stem down and the valve plug away from the orifice. This allows fl ow through the regulator.


End Connection1/4" NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure250 psig / 17.2 bar
Spring Range0-125 psi/ 0-8.6bar
Pressure RegistrationInternal
Smart Bleed Check Valve Set point6 psi / 0.41 bar differential

Available Configurations
Fisher 67CFR  filter regulator have an internal relief valve with a soft seat for reliable shutoff with no discernible leakage.
Body Size and End Connection Style

1/4" NPT

Maximum Inlet Pressure (Body Rating)
 250 psig / 17.2 bar
Spring/Outlet Pressure
0-125 psi/0-8.6bar

Pressure Registration

Temperature Capabilities
With Nitrile (NBR): 
   Standard Bolting: -20 to 180°F / -29 to 82°C
   With Gauges: -40 to 180°F / -40 to 82°C

Type 67CFR Filter Regulator
•  Smart Bleed internal check valve
•  Large dripwell with manual or automatic drain
Type 67CFR Filter Regulator
•  Stainless steel drain valve

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