Мощность Шаг Драйвер шагового двигателя, шаговый двигатель драйвер, 4.5a, высокое качество (1532781016)

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Product Overview


Stepper Motor Driver Specification



Driver functions descriptions


Driver function

Operating instructions




Users can set the driver output current by SW1-SW3 three switches.

The setting of the specific output current, please refer to the instructions of the driver panel figure.


Microstep setting

Users can set the driver Microstep by the SW5-SW8 four switches. The setting of the specific Microstep subdivision, please refer to the instructions of the driver panel figure.



Automatic half

current function

Users can set the driver half flow function by SW4. "OFF" indicates the quiescent current is set to half of the dynamic current, that is to say, 0.5 seconds after the cessation of the pulse, current reduce to about half automatically. "ON" indicates the quiescent current and the dynamic current are the same. User can set SW4 to "OFF", in order to reduce motor and driver heating and improve reliability.


Signal interfaces

PUL+ and PUL- are the positive and negative side of control pulse signal; DIR+ and DIR- are the positive and negative side of direction signal; ENA+ and ENA- are the positive and negative side of enable signal.


Motor interfaces

A+ and A- are connected to a phase winding of motor; B+ and B- are connected to another phase winding of motor. If you need to backward, one of the phase windings can be reversed.


Power interfaces

It uses DC power supply. Recommended operating voltage is 24VDC-50VDC, and power consumption should be greater than 100W.



Indicator lights

There are two indicator lights. Power indicator is green. When the driver power on, the green light will always be lit. Fault indicator is red, when there is over-voltage or over-current fault, the red light will always be lit; after the driver fault is cleared, if re-power the red light will be off.




Driver dimensions:118×75×32mm, please refer to dimensions diagram. Please leave 10CM space for heat dissipation. During installation, it should be close to the metal cabinet for heat dissipation.


Signal interface details:


The internal interface circuits of the driver are isolated by the opt coupler signals, R in the figure is an external current limiting resistor. The connection is differential. And it has a good anti-jamming performance.





common anode connection






Control signal and external interface:


Signal amplitudes

External current limiting resistor R


Without R






Common indicator








The red indicator is on.

1. A short circuit of motor wires.

Inspect or change wires

2. The external voltage is over or low than the driver’s working voltage.

Adjust the voltage to a reasonable rang

3. Unknown reason

Return the goods




Outline and installation size (unit:mm)


0.0095 s.