8 1/2 inch 216mm oil drilling tricone drill bit for mining/petroleum equipment

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Product Overview


Application for drilling oil well , water well , gas well etc .
1)Fast drilling rate
2)Strong cutting structure durability
3)be used for water well, oil field, underground, construction, geothermal, directional boring
4)Be used to drill low compressive strength,soft formation
5)various of model and dimension avaliable
6)rubber seal or metal seal
7)high quality and competitive price
8)including drill rods,drill collar,rerun steel tooth bits, ,used drill bits stock,used mud pumps,etc
Basical Specification
Size of tricone bit
8 1/2" inch 216mm
Thread Connection
4 1/2" API reg pin
HA 537G
Bearing type
rubber /metal o-ring journal bearing
Operating Parameters
WOB (Weight On Bit)
0.35~1.05KN/mm (bit Dia.)
Rotary speed
40~110 r/min
Make up torque
16.3~21.7 KN.M
Medium formation with high compressive strength ,and high drillability ,such as mudstone, gypsum,salt,soft limestone,etc.
Advantage : 1. High temperature heat treatment forged alloy steel . 2. Carbide teeth with high strength and toughness work more efficiently 3. Tooth palm lip hard welding surface with hard alloy ,Effectively prevent the drill bit wear and tear work 4. Head OD protection to effectively reduce head wear in abrasive formation and extend bit work 5.Directional jet enlarges lateral flow area and helpful bottom hole cleaning and increase of ROP 6. Lubricating system protection of bearing and seal system of bit extend bit work life 7. API REG Connection
IADC code
Applicable Formations
Very soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability,
such as clay,mudstone,chalk,gypsum,salt,soft limestone, etc.
Soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability,
such as mudstone,gypsum,salt,soft limestone, etc.
Soft to medium formations with low compressive strength, such as
medium, soft shale, medium soft limestone, medium soft sandstone,
medium formation with harder and abrasive interbeds, etc.
Medium hard formation with high compress strength, such as hard
shale, limestone, sandstone, dolomite. etc
Hard formations with high compressive strength, such as sandstone,
limestone, dolomite ,hard gypsum, marble, etc.
Optimal test method for drilling parameters:
1.Drill for 5 minutes with initially selected proper WOB and moderate RPM (60~100r/min) and record the ROP (as shown in the table below).
2.Moderately inctease WOB and keep the same RPM and drill under this WOB for 5 minutes and again record the RPO (as shown in the table below).
3.Decrease WOB b the same extent and tepeat step 2.
4.Find the WOB in the tow groups of test than can yield highest ROP.
5.Properly change RPM under optimal WOB and record the ROP (as shown in the table below).
6.Select the RPM at the highest ROP.
7.Set the drilling parameter at the best combination:60KN RPM: 120r/min
Drill bit application instructions
One . bit selection
1.Please reading lithology description and bit records of adjacent wells carefully,and analyzing formation characteristics.
2.Selecting appropriate type in accordance with lithology.
Two. Preparation before drilling
1.Inspect previous
bit for body damage, lost cutters or inserts etc. Make sure there are no any junk on bottom hole, and clean the bottom hole if necessary.
2.Bit must be handled with care in order not no damage cutters and hard substances. 3.Check if there is any damage on bit cutters and if there any foreign matter inside the bit.
4.Check if installing nozzle is meet requirements, and replace nozzles if necessary.
Three .Marking up the bit
1.Clean bit threads and apply grease on threads.
2.Fit the breaker to the bit, lower the drill string onto the pin and engage the threads.
3.Locate the bit and breaker in the rotary bushing, and make-up the bit to be recommended torque.
Company Introduction
Hejian Deris Petroleum drilling equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2000, located in Hejian City Junziguan Industrial Park,
close to Tianjin Port, Beijing Airport, convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 30 acres and a factory building
of 15,000 square meters. Specializing in the production and sales of drilling tools such as Tricone bit, PDC drill bits, Hole
opener, roller cone drills, hammer and hammer bit, drill pipes, drill collars, etc. A professional design, production, inspection
and foreign trade sales team has been established. .. Products are sold to the United States, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran,
Qatar, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Colombia and other more than 30 countries. The sales volume reached 15,000
pieces of the roller cone, and the three-cone drill bit 5000 achieved first-class design, first-class manufacturing, first-class
product cost performance, and first-class after-sales to achieve win-win for the industry, customers and the company.
Related Products
Package Type : wooden case ,also be packaged according to customers requirement
Transportation : by sea , by air or land transportation . Less than 50kg shipping by courier better
Delivery : If we have stock, the delivery time will need about 2~3 working days. In general, common size tricone bits and pdc bit,
we have stock.
If we have no stock, such as the tci reamer and pdc hole opener, it will be 7-10 working days in total.
This is Jenny, already have 7 years working experience for this section. Already make many friends from different countries. I am very pleasure to help them solve some difficult problems for the HDD drilling reamer and tricone bit, and find the more suitable drilling products. We believe double win is what we want. If you have any questions, welcome to talk with me.

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