Vacuum Physical Vapor Deposition PVD Electro Coating Machine

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Product Overview


Vacuum Physical Vapor Deposition PVD Electro Coating Machine



The term metallization generically means sublimation and condensation (deposition) onto a substrate of a thin metal film at a low pressure of about 10-4 mbar. Low pressure (vacuum) enables the metal molecules to move from the source of evaporation to the surface to be coated avoiding contact with air and other gas particles.

Sublimation and deposition of aluminum onto a product is the most used method of industrial metallization.

Thermal evaporation

Hongfeng VAC uses base and top coats that are automotive quality coatings. The second surface vacuum metalizing process involves depositing the evaporated metal on a clear substrate (glass or clear plastic) and back coating the metal with an opaque paint. This process has been used to decorate automotive emblems for exterior applications.

Machine photos




Drawing of the machine



Vacuum Metalizing can be applied to: Plastics, Metals, Glass, Urethanes, Fiberglass, Ceramic, SLA’s, Paper products and many other materials .Products such as: Headlamp and Tail Lamp Reflectors, Automotive and Motorcycle trim, Hardware, Lamp Reflectors, Advertising Display Items, Emblems, Trophies, Packaging films, Toys, Fishing Lures and novelty items are some of the many products that are Vacuum Metalized.

The machine can make very bright reflection(mirror finishing) on plastic surface.

Process of the vacuum metallizing


In order to obtain good and strong coatings, pretreatment for the plastic substrates is necessary. We will apply the base varnish as a base before vacuum metallization.

UV painting is an alternative way to apply the base and you will get the best quality of coatings in this way. Aluminum coatings which is made by vacuum metallizing is not strong enough so we have to apply the protective topcoat. Then it will be the topcoat to contact the air and keep the vacuum metallized film inside, remain nice and long time.

Production flow for the plastic substrates by UV painting line



Base coating: For most decorative and reflective applications it is necessary to apply a specially formulated primer or basecoat to promote adhesion and to provide a smooth surface, assuring a high quality surface for the metalizing or finish paint steps.
Then vacuum metalizing itself
Top coating: only when it requires, topcoat is applied to enhance, moisture, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

Technical specifications


Main Applications Plastic or glass metallizing, decorative coatings
Coating SystemEvaporation Coating System with high power transformer
Vacuum chamber structure Vertical chamber front opening door, one or two doors, as well as two chambers optional
Pumping systemDiffusion pump(Molecular pump) +Roots pump +Mechanical pump
Workpiece CarouselPublic rotation Frequency control: 0-20RPM
Vacuum degree measuringDigital display composite vacuum gauge: from atmosphere to 8.0*10-4Pa
Control modeManual/Automatic work mode by PLC touched screen

All the specifications can be customized according to your requests.  


Vacuum metallizing coating is an economic method to apply the high quality reflective metallic finishing on plastic substrates. This machine is very fast cycle. You may apply this thermal evaporation coating for different industries.

Some of the products only need the silver/chroming effect. But some of them need to be colorful. Then the customers will need other machines to apply the colors.

Company Information


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As a manufacturer of PVD coating systems, Hongfeng VAC responds to your wishes and supply you with a tailor-made system that meets your needs. To improve profitability, we build on our proven cylindrical standard recipients, but any other type of vacuum chamber is also possible. Contact us!



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