High efficiency belt type dewatering filter press from Yuhong

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High efficiency belt type dewatering filter press from Yuhong




DY Belt filter press (belt thickening dewatering machine) is a new type of high-efficiency thickening and dewatering equipment developed by Yuhong. It is used in sand making plants, municipal sewage treatment, paper mills,Chemical fiber textile printing and dyeing, food brewing, petrochemical industry and other industrial production sewage treatment terminal mixed sludge, digested sludge and remaining activated sludge are concentrated and dehydrated and dried or other materials are widely used in the field of drying.




DY belt filter press (belt thickening and dewatering machine) is a new type of high-efficiency thickening and dewatering equipment developed by Yuhong, which is widely used in sand washing plant, sand making plant, urban sewage treatment, paper mill, Chemical fiber textile printing and dyeing, food brewing, petrochemical and other industries have the following technical characteristics:
1. The dryness of the material is high to achieve deep dehydration. Through gravity dehydration, wedge-shaped pre-pressure dehydration, squeezing dehydration and unique cell wall breaking technology, high dryness discharge is achieved;
2. The equipment is green and environmentally friendly, the whole machine is sealed and operated, the shell is easy to disassemble and install, there is no sewage leakage, no secondary pollution, and the noise is less than 40 decibels, which makes the sludge machine room environment beautiful and civilized production;

3. High degree of automation, safe and simple operation, you can adjust the operating time according to customer requirements, combined with automatic control system for program setting, to achieve unattended operation;
4. Low operating cost, use gravity settling to reduce processing costs.
5. The pressure regulating device adopts automatic adjustment, which naturally balances the swelling pressure in the sludge of the press section, effectively ensuring the service life of the roller body filter screen.




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Working principle


DY belt filter press (belt thickening and dewatering machine) function module integrates two major systems namely sludge thickening system and sludge pressing system, which is mainly composed of rack, dosing system, gravity dewatering system , Transmission system, squeezing roller, tensioning device, water collection and drainage system, cleaning system, filter belt, discharge device, deviation adjustment system, pneumatic system, electrical control system.

When the concentrated sludge from the settling tank and the flocculant are mixed in the mixer, it is input into the water granulation system to flocculate and then sent to the gravity filtration system of the machine, and the concentrated sludge is dehydrated by gravity. The concentrated sewage The mud enters the wedge formed by the upper and lower filter belts of the press for pre-pressing, gradually squeezing the free water from the sludge to form a mud cake that can withstand a certain pressure, and the mud cake passes in turn between the belts Press rollers arranged in an S-shape are used to remove free water and some capillary water under the action of squeezing, shearing and other forces to achieve pressure dehydration.

DY belt filter press (belt thickening dewatering machine) adopts the deflection adjustment technology developed by Yuhong, which can ensure the better operation of the filter belt and extend the service life of the filter belt. Yuhong also patented the design of its water granulator flow channel to achieve unpowered mixing of sludge and chemical liquid, which can more fully exert the effect of flocculation. Before entering the gravity dehydration zone, a high-efficiency concentrated dehydration zone is added, so that the sludge with a solid content of more than 1% can be directly dewatered on the machine, and the dryness of the sludge can be as high as 60%.


Technical parameters


DY belt filter press (belt thickening and dehydrating machine) is divided into the above four models: DY1500, DY2000, DY2500, DY3000,DY3500,the above models can meet the daily production needs.If the customer has special needs, our company can also design and customize the production according to the customer's requirements, but the customer needs to provide concentrated material support.


ModelPower(kw)Belt width(mm)Adjust pressureCapacity(t/h)Dimensions(mm)


Customized service


Complete sludge treatment project for sand making plant



Maintenance and notes


1. Please select a special flocculant independently developed by Yuhong according to different materials, determine the dosage, and conduct a test before use to achieve better results.
2. Before each start-up, each lubrication point should be carefully checked and filled with lubricating oil to maintain lubrication. Carefully check whether the fastening parts are firm and the rotating parts are flexible.
3. During the operation of the machine, it is necessary to check the operation status frequently. If there are any abnormal phenomena or major hidden dangers, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately.
4. When the machine is shut down or repaired for a long time, the sludge pump, drug pump and pipeline should be cleaned to prevent the sludge and drug from drying up in the pump and pipeline.




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Q1: Why choose YuHong machinery?

A1: 1. Up-to-date design, CAD calculation and simulation;

2. ISO,BV,SGS,CE quapty control manufacturing;

3. Over 30 years experience, export to over 50 countries;

4. Highest standard to suit operators' use;

5. World class quality at affordable price.

Remarks: The price will depend on different models. Reply message ,you will get 5% discount price.

Q2: What are the requirements for belt filter press?

A2: Our Yuhong has a high standard on choosing material of belt filter press.

1.Using very high grade steel plate (i.e. Q235, Q345) on structuring part;

2. Using wear-resistant steel (i.e. ZG35, ZGMn13, 65Mn, 35CrMo, ZG60Si2CrA) on quick-wear parts;

3. The motor, reducer, bearing, belt, bolts are Chinese top 5 brands;

4. Metallurgy performance must be considered during designing, cutting, bending, fitting&welding.

Q3: What information do we need to provide you the reasonable model and best quotation?

A3: 1. How much sludge is produced per hour?

2.What is the type of the sludge? Piling sludge ,sand sludge, ore pulp sludge and so on ?

3. What is the solids content of sludge? And What is the particles size of the solids?

4. What is the processing capacity per hour?


Company and factory



Henan Yuhong Heavy Machinery Co.,LTD is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research,prodcution and marketing.our main products include five series ,they are the Crushing equipment ,Beneficiation equipment,Grinding Powder equipment ,Drying equipment ,Kilning equipment.YUHONG GROUP set off from "the customer for this " angle ,put self's whole heart to be that the customer provides the valuable service pattern,the effort using up 100% satisfies different customer product need.


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