High torque shaft output China made bevel gear reducer right angle planetary gearbox for wood carving machine PFR series

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PFR planetary reducer is with shaft output and square flange,makes customers operate the device easily.PFR planetary gearbox has a broad range of ratio.The single stage ratio from 3 to 10,the double stage ratio from 12 to 100,the three stage ratio from 60 to1000.This makes the PFR right angle gearbox suit for any transmission system.

Input dimensions of PFR planetary gearbox can be customized to users’ motor sizes,so it can match any types of the servo motors and stepper motors all over the world.Besides,PFR right angle gearbox is also with high torque and low backlash.It can replace of the models from other factories.As an economical type,PFR right angle gearbox provides an ideal solution to save the motion space and limited budget.

PFR Model
PFR040, PFR060,  PFR080,  PFR120, PFR160

P1: L1 ≤ 8arcmin ; L2 ≤10arcmin

P2: L1 ≤ 11arcmin ; L2 ≤ 13arcmin
Using Life

Right angle reducer using spiral bevel gear,customer can locate the motor at 90 degree away from the reducer if required to save space
2.High rigidity&torque
High rigidity&high torque was achieved by uncaged needle roller bearings.
3.Adapter-bushing connection
Can be attached to any motor all over the world.
4.No grease leakage
Perfect solution by high viscosity anti-separation grease.
No need to replace the grease for the life time.Can be attached in any position.

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(1) Factory directly supply, advantage price, short delivery time, professional technical service.

(2) The complete range of products can provide customers with complete transmission solutions,
which saves customers time and effort in purchasing

(3) Can match any brands of servo motors, stepper motors and brushless DC motors, so it can replace
all brands of relevant reducers on the market.

(4) OEM and product customized service is available, meet your customized requirements.

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