Top brand DJI T16 drone spray drone 20kg agricultural drone for pesticides spray

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Top brand DJI T16 drone spray drone 20kg agricultural drone for pesticides spray
Plant protection
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T16 plant protection uav reshaped the overall structure and adopted modular design, bringing Dajiang plant protection uav
unprecedented high load and wide spray range.Powerful hardware collaborative AI intelligent engine technology and 3d job planning function,it will revolutionize the structure of the job and save the time.

The new modular design of T16 greatly simplifies the disassembly and assembly of the fuselage, and increases the daily maintenance speed by 50%. The core components reach the protection level of IP67 and are stable and reliable.The main structure is made of carbon fiber composite material, which can ensure the strength of the whole machine.The fuselage can be folded quickly, and the space occupied is reduced by 75% after folding , which is convenient for transportation.The battery and work box support fast plugging and unplugging, and the efficiency of work supply is greatly improved.

Plant protection efficiency has been raised to a new high level.

High load wide ,Efficiency breakthrough

Thanks to its strong flight performance, the T16 liquid loading capacity was increased to 16L, and the spray range was increased to 6.5 meters. The spraying system is equipped with 4 liquid pumps and 8 sprinkler heads, with a maximum flow rate of 4.8L/min. In actual operation, the efficiency of T16 can reach 150 mu per hour [1]. In addition, the spraying system is equipped with a new electromagnetic flowmeter, which brings unparalleled accuracy and stability of traditional flowmeters.
Powerful core security times

New modular avionics system, equipped with dual IMU and dual barometer, adopts power signal redundancy design to ensure flight safety.GNSS + RTK dual redundancy system not only brings centimeter-level positioning accuracy, but also supports dual-antenna antimagnetic interference technology, further enhancing operational safety.

Round-the-clock escort missions are easier

T16 is equipped with new DBF imaging radar, which is not affected by ambient light and dust, and can sense farmland environment all day long.Two-way obstacle avoidance is supported, and the horizontal detection Angle reaches 100°, which is safe twice as much as that of the previous generation, and the flight safety is greatly improved.With digital beam synthesis technology, 3d point cloud imaging can be achieved, complex farmland scenes can be effectively identified in the operation, and autonomous obstacle flight can be achieved.Radar supports terrain slope detection, and mountain slopes can also mimic ground flight.

One control multi-machine

The T16 supports one control and multiple machines. One remote control can coordinate up to five T16 series plant protection machines to work at the same time, and the efficiency of single operation is doubled.

The new generation of intelligent remote control has a control range of up to 3KM, which supports the same distance HD image transmission and ensures safe operation. A new generation of smart remote control,With the addition of 4G communication function, the battery and antenna are replaceable, making daily work more convenient.

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FPV Camera
The MG-1P series of plant protection machines can clearly display the front of the plant protection machine on the remote control through the 123° wide-angle lens, providing a real-world reference for remote obstacle-free flight during operation.

With the FPV camera, the plant protection machine can realize the flight management, and the flying hand can return the live image through the FPV, and easily set the A/B point or waypoint, eliminating the labor required in the past.

Walking or A/B point workman, the job planning is more time-saving and efficient.

Second generation high precision radar
All-weather escort is safer

The second generation of high-precision radar combines the previous generation of three directional radars with an
obstacle-avoidance radar, doubling the sensitivity and supporting omnidirectional detection [2], greatly improving obstacle
perception and ground-flight capabilities.

The MG-1P can sense the cross-pull wire with a radius of 0.5 cm at the front 15 meters, which can effectively reduce the safety risks caused by common obstacles such as wires and tree bars during daily operation. Active sensing and obstacle avoidance can work around the clock.

Not affected by light and dust. The multi-point omnidirectional detection technology can sense the slope and flatness of the terrain, and adjust the flight height in time to meet the requirements of the imitation operation. While the performance is improved, the radar protection performance is also improved to IP67.

Fully adapt to the complex environment of the field.

Product Usage

The function is complete and handy
T16 supports flatland and mountain planning operation functions and fruit tree operation modes to meet most operation

Support a remote control to control 5 t16s at the same time, doubling the operation efficiency.Combined with the professional version of PC ground station, 3d modeling and AI fruit tree identification can be carried out in the operation area, and 3d route planning can be carried out according to the distribution and height of fruit trees Manual, AB point and route planning mode are all available, ordinary terrain operations can be easily completed

Complete solution Intelligent and efficient

Djiang agriculture is committed to promoting the efficiency upgrade of the whole plant protection process and injecting more intelligent components into the plant protection operation.Djiang's intelligent agricultural solutions can greatly simplify the operation steps, improve the overall operation efficiency and promote industrial upgrading with the help of drones and efficient tools

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With 4 RTK
Centimeter-level positioning
High precision data acquisition
Complete image acquisition of 1,500 acres in 25 minutes

PC ground station professional version
Real-time built figure
2d / 3d modeling
AI job planning

Dji agricultural service platform
Remote task management
Online plant protection orders

T16 eppo unmanned aircraft
Efficient operation
Finish 150 acres in 1 hour

Battery & Charger
2600W four-channel intelligent charger

Up to 4 batteries can be charged at the same time. In the single-channel quick charging mode, charging can be completed within 20 minutes, and the charging speed can be increased by 50%.Built-in battery health management system can monitor voltage, temperature and other key data in real time to ensure the safety of charging.

The capacity of T16 intelligent flight battery is up to 17,500mAh. It adopts 14S battery high-voltage system to reduce current loss and adopts all-metal enclosure design. The protection level reaches IP54 and the heat dissipation efficiency increases by 140%Combined with the self-balancing management technology of the core, the number of battery recharge and discharge cycles has been increased to 400 , it has improved 100 % than the previous generation of products, which can significantly reduce operating costs.

Agricultural plant protection machine solution 2.0
Agricultural plant protection aircraft solution 2.0 is designed for agricultural uav manufacturers. The scheme is equipped with a3-ag2.0 / n3-ag2.0 flight control system, AMU, water pump, high-precision microwave radar, high-definition remote control, liquid level gauge and e-series power package, and has added agricultural management platform and high-precision obstacle avoidance radar module. According to this plan, agricultural uav manufacturers can quickly build their own flying platform to produce intelligent, efficient, stable and reliable plant protection uav

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