Wet Spray Electrostatic Painting Equipment for Sale

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Electrostatic Spray Painting Equipment

In wet painting application, electrostatic spray painting features significant material-saving as well as produces amazing coating results. It is much easier for users to coat hard to reach areas or larger surfaces with less efforts and higher quality.
Our electrostatic spray painting equipment supports both solvent-based and water-based paint, integrated various purposes in one machine, it only works safe but delivers high transfer efficiency

How electrostatic paint spray machine works?
Electrostatic sprayer works by electrically charging paint particles. This causes them to repel each other and spread themselves evenly as they exit the spray nozzle. The object being painted is charged oppositely. This means that the painting material is attracted to the object, giving a more even coat than traditional air painting, and reduce overspray.

Why electrostatic paint spray gun is more efficient?
Atomized paint particles from air spray gun only wrap the front of object, however, electrostatic spray gun achieves excellent encircling effect that wrap the parts from all directions, Moreover, electrostatic charged particulates can be more quickly and evenly adsorbed to the surface, so as to get significant improved efficiency.

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Electrostatic Controller
1. The intelligent controller offers great flexibility and convenient to set required voltage when coating different parts,
precise value will digitally shows on the screen.

2. Safety circuit design. If any operation error, abnormal voltage and current, the circuit protection system will power off
automatically and gives buzzer alarm to guarantee safety.

Spray Gun
1. Liquid particles are fully charged thanks to the high voltage generator, along with superior atomization due to the advanced nozzles.

2. Gun parts are extremely durable, giving a long service life and simple daily maintenance

3. Full parameters can be adjusted on the gun, such as static, atomized air, spraying width and liquid output, easy to operate.

Spray Gun Nozzles
Supplies different kinds of spray nozzles to customer, all nozzles features smooth
atomization and quality coating effect.

304 stainless steel round spray nozzle for mild paint output.

High-density plastic steel round nozzle for medium-urgent paint output.

Aluminum alloy fan spray nozzle for urgent paint output.

Technical Data

Output Voltage
Max. Current
Gun Weight
Paint Output Value
Optimal Output Value
Spray Gun Length
Gun Cable Length
Paint Hose Length
Air Hose Length
Air Pressure
Air Consumption


Electrostatic spray guns are exceptionally efficient painting tools, which serve as the perfect solution to a number of domestic and industrial applications.
In the manufacturing industry, such as in automotive, electronics, agriculture, construction or furniture production, electrostatic spray painting can ensure significant material savings, alongside a quality finish.

Company Profile

      Specialize in liquid painting solution, we not only supply equipment with excellent quality, but also provide all-round service to the market. COLO self developed and produced electrostatic painting equipment applying advanced electrostatic technology solves typical troubles in traditional painting, such as low transfer efficiency, low productivity and high paint waste. Committed to surface treatment solutions for 10 years, the ongoing development and continuous innovation has made COLO a world-known brand in the electrostatic coating equipment industry.

      COLO electrostatic painting equipment is positioned as a high-end brand of surface treatment in global, mass production of water-based / solvent-based electrostatic powder paint spray gun, manual / automatic electrostatic painting gun, painting reciprocator machine, water wash/dry filter paint spray booth, paint spray gun parts, etc. We always devoted to progressing the performance approach to top standards, and giving solution that is cost-saving, energy-saving and environment protective.

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