Сельскохозяйственная теплица для гидропонных систем выращивания салата (1600055724845)

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Product Description

Hydroponic Grow System: Combined with hydroponic shelves, engraftment baskets, engraftment sponges, water pump, hydroponic LED grow lights, timers, etc. You can be easily an indoor farmer and achieve non-sunlight cultivation . It will be a great solution of indoor farming in home, office, hotel, shopping mall and especially farm laboratory.
1.Good light transmittance, the transmittance of single layer glass greenhouse up to 97%, the double glazing is 88%.
2.Good water proof.
3.Anti-age, anti-sweat large area for cultivating.
4.Venlo, small roof not only makes the greenhouse beautiful, also provide high efficiency for users.
5.Uniform illumination.
6.Framework with double-face galvanizing processing, good anticorrosive effect.
7.Good Draining ability.

Steel structure
The greenhouse skeleton is light steel structure, made of hot dip galvanized steel, all the columns, trusses and other components and fastenings are processed and welded first, then hot dip galvanized and anti-corrosion. The structure is stable, and the service life
of the main structure at least 20 years.

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★Solve the contradiction between greenhouse heat preservation and light transmission.
★Good insulation in winter.
★Unique glass sealing structure,completely solve the problem of roof leakage.
★The glass greenhouse can realize the full automatic control. Heating system (heating fan or hot water heating), shading screen system, fog or water curtain cooling system, CO2 supplement system, lighting system, spray and drip irrigation and fertilization system, Computer integrated control system, roof sprinkler system and so on can be provided.

Supporting Systems

Ventilation Systems
The ventilation system is divided into top window and side window.
It use wind power and temper-
ature difference to realize to exchange of air between inside abd outside the grenhouse to reducing the temperatureand humidity.
Hydroponic system
Hydroonics is a method of growing plantswith roots in direct contact with nutrient solutions,
without the use of substrates. Can planting all kinds of flowers, vegetables, fruits, especially the vast majority of leaf vegetables using hydroponic manner.
Heating Systems
The heating systems including heating boiler, heating fan and heater. They work through the compressor system , absorbing heat from the air to produce hot water.Safe and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, integrated heating and cooling.

Water-saving irrigation system
Irrigation system divided into drip irrigation and spray irrigation, self-propelled sprinkler irrigation and drip arrow irrigation. high pressure
pumps are used to evenly spray the crops through irrigation and sprinkler systems.
Cooling systems
Cooling system including cooling fan and cooling pad.and uses the evaporation principle of water to achieve the purpose of cooling. Different types of fans and different types of cooling pad can selected according to the local climate.
Substrate Culture
One of the most widely used methods of matrix culture soilless culture. It is to fix the root system of crops in organic matrux and supply nutrient solution to crops through drip irrigation or tickle irrigation.

Shading system
The main function of this system is for shading and cooling in summer, including outside shading system and inside shading system
Also can saving water, reduce indoor crop and soil moisture evaporation, keep air humidity.
Distribution and automation control system
Intelligent greenhouse computer control system consists of "weather station"+"indoor environment season"+'
"greenhouse control software".
Water filtration system
According to local water quality, select the water filtration system and use the purified water fertilizer irrigation, which is more conducive to the growth of soiless cultivated crops.

Fertilization system
Proportional fertilizer pump is used together with irrigation system to fertilize crops.The does of solution is always strictly proportional to the amount of water entering the fertilizer pmp, regardless of the change in the flow or pressure of the main pipe.
Seedbed system
Seedbeds are divided into moving seedbed and tidal seedbeds, which are mainly used for growing seedings in greenhouses,including vegetables and flowers. With reasonable structure and flexible operation, steel wire mesh is laid on the surface of the bed, and hot dip galvanized.

Project case

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Packing: Except our standard packaging, also can provide different types of packaging way, such as 5-ply standard carton box. Surely you can custome.
Shipping: The time is based on different way of shipping, You can choose air and sea according to your offers.

After Sales Service

Our service
1.Direct Manufacturer.
2. Professional design based on the cilents requirements.
3. High quality and reasonable price.
4. Timely delivery.
5. After-sales installation and debugging.
6. Warranty period of at least 5 years.
7.Turn-key project could be accepted.
8.  Full solution of design,production,
delivery,installation,after-sales service could be provide to save your time and money.

Company Introduction

Qingzhou Shengqiang Greenhouse Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

1. Our factory has been engaged in greenhouse production for more than 10 years, has a wealth of production and construction experience and technology.
2. Our factory has project design, construction and project management capabilities, to provide customers with a better purchase experience.
3. Our factory according to the needs of customers design the best program, in the premise of high quality for customers to save costs and increase customer efficiency.
4. Our factory offers a one-year warranty. After the warranty period, we will still be the most reasonable price to provide replacement of greenhouse accessories.

Qingzhou Shengqiang Greenhouse Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. always welcome customers to visit the factory.


1. Q: Are you a factory outlet or a special foreign trade company?
A: We are factory direct sales, all the goods are shipped directly from the factory.

2. Q: Does the greenhouse accept customization? What are the requirements for the size of the greenhouse?
A: We accept any area of the greenhouse custom.

3. Q: What is the packaging of goods?
A:Greenhouse covered materials and equipment using carton packaging. Other accessories in the greenhouse using nude packing. Can also be packaged according to customer requirement.

4.Q: What is your installation and after sales?
A: We have professional engineers to install it for you. Free repair within two years after you purchase(including small parts).Sales 24 hours online to answer your questions, any demands or questions,
please feel free let me know.

5.Q: How long does it take to delivery?
A: About 20 days after your deposit.

6. Q: Can you provide turn-key service?
A: Yes,as I said before,we are professional greenhouse factory,we have special team of every parts to do customer service,design,supplier selection,delivery and installation.

Welcome you to visit our factory, thank you !

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