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Product Overview


Fish feed binder (fish feed additives and premixes)
Product Name: Sodium polyacrylate powder
Other names: Polyacrylic acid sodium salt;
Country of origin: Jiangmen city, Guangdong, China
Application: thicken the fish feed, Enhance the feed viscosity
Usage: Directly add to feed dry powder and mix well, Suggest to add 0.2%-0.3%, also can increase or decrease according to the formula (additive amount to 0.2%, can measure by hand feel the effect of viscoelastic obvious enhancement);can do the contrast test without add, testing by hand feel the effect of viscoelastic enhancement.
Storage: stored in cool, dry place at room temperature to maintain 24 months
Model No.: 20G
Recommend dosage: 0.2% (according to different customers)
Advantage: Strong adhesion with feed nutrition, Sodium polyacrylate has less damage to nutrition vitamins, enzymes, etc.And the use amount is small, the cost is low, and the effect is good
Product Specification:
Test Result
white powder
Free alkail
Not react with phenolphthalin
Sulfate ( test SO4) , %                                        max
≤ 0.49
< 0.49
Arsenic ( test As2O3), ppm                              max
≤ 2
< 2
Heavy Metal ( test Pb), ppm                             max
≤ 20
< 20
Residual Monomer, %                                        max
≤ 1
Oligomer, %                                                         max
≤ 5
Unchanged blue in Iodine
Loss on drying ( 105℃, 4 hours), %                max
≤ 10
Residue on ignition, %                                       max
≤ 76
Viscosity ( Rotational Viscometer No.3 rotor, 30 rotate speed, 0.2%
water solution, 30℃),  cps

Product Application
Sodium polyacrylate as fish feed binder (feed premixes)

The main use of our sodium polyacrylate powder for fish feed is to bond feed. In terms of water solubility, the binder sodium polyacrylate is the best. Our products are mainly added to the premix feed of fish, adding sodium polyacrylate can effectively improve the adhesion.

Sodium polyacrylate as Aquatic feed binder Features

1. Increase viscosity and reduce the loss of nutrients

2. Reduce the pollution of aquaculture environment and improve water quality

3. It has chemical stability, and does not cause adverse chemical reactions with other feed ingredients.

4. Non-toxic, no odor, with good palatability and attractant

5. Strong adhesion and adhesion effect

6. Low dosage, easy to mix and low cost

7. It is food grade, food additives, harmless to human body
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