JDS6600-50M 50MHZ LCD Signal Generator Digital Control Dual-Channel DDS Function Signal Generator Frequency Meter Arbitrary

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Product Overview


JDS6600 15-60 MHz

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Product Description


UMK JDS6600-50M 50MHZ LCD Signal Generator Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Signal Generator Frequency Meter Arbitrary

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Product Description:

JDS6600 series Dual-channel Function Signal generator combines multiple functions in one, such as Function Signal Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Generator, Sweep, Counter and Frequency Meter, etc. The instrument adopts the Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS) technology and provides stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals. It's a great testing or measuring instrument for electronics engineers, electronic laboratory, teaching and researching.



  • 320*240 2.4" TFT color LCD display, simultaneously display parameters of CH1 and CH2

  • Ability to reproduce patterns of custom waveform

  • Use soft silicone keys instead of traditional patch keys, high sensitivity and convenient for operation

  • 60 groups of arbitrary wave storage function, memory depth of each group is 2048*14bits

  • Duty-cycle of each channel can be adjusted independently, the adjusting resolution is 0.1%

  • With digital signal output function, CMOS output range 0~10V

  • The model sold on this link is JDS6600-50M,The maximum sine wave frequency is 25MHz, and the maximum square wave is 25MHz, 266MSa/s sampling rate and 14bits vertical resolution

  • Equivalent performance-phase difference 360°continuously adjustable.Equivalent performance dual channels can simultaneously output the same or different function signals or arbitrary waveform signals, all parameters can be adjusted independently, and the phase difference between the two channels is continuously adjustable from 0-359.9 °.

  • Trigger functions-Four trigger modes.You can use sine wave, square wave, saw-tooth wave or arbitrary wave to generate pulse train. The number of pulse periods is continuously adjustable between 0-1048575.

  • Pulse width-precisely adjustable.With independent operation interface, the function is clear; with independent control switch, it is convenient to control. Adjustment range: 25ns-4000s; pulse offset continuously adjustable between 0% -120%; pulse amplitude can continuously adjust between 0-10V, and be accurate to 0.01V.

  • Arbitrary waveform can be draw. Provide free host computer software and communication protocol, use the host computer software to draw arbitrary waveforms; use the communication protocol to secondary development programming; all functions of the instrument can be controlled by the host computer software.




Package List:

1. DDS Signal Generator*1
2. Power Adapter*1
3. BNC-BNC Cable*1
4. USB Data Cable*1
5. BNC-Clip Cable*2

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