Weichai X6170 6 cylinder 600HP 620HP Diesel Marine Engine For Sand Boat (1600057762536)

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Product Overview


Product Description

408-820 HP 6170 / 8170 marine diesel engine
170 series marine diesel engine (including 6170zc series and 8170ZC Series) is a 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engine developed through further optimization design and quality improvement, with a power range of 258-601 kW and a speed range of 1000-1500r / min, which can be widely used in offshore and inland fishing boats, transport ships and engineering ships.

Main advantages of engine

1) Strong momentum:
Supercharger, high-pressure oil pump, fuel injector and other performance components are optimally configured, with wide power coverage, sufficient reserve and larger torque. At low speed, they also have large torque and are better applicable to various working conditions;

  • Main advantages of engine

2) Economical fuel saving:
At the same time, through the optimization of the oil seals, the oil consumption of the engine is reduced by 45%
3) Safe and reliable:
High strength qt800 integral crankshaft, large flow filter first, then cooling lubrication system and efficient cooling system, one cylinder and one cover design ensure the reliability and convenience of maintenance of diesel engine.

Product Paramenters

408-820HP 6170Marine Engine
Model of Marine engine
Rated Speed (r/min)
Minimum fuel consumption rate (g/kw.h)
Cylinder number
Start type
Electric starter
Idle speed (r/min)
smoke intensity
Four stroke, water cooled, Inline
Intake mode
Supercharging cooling
Lubrication mode
Pressure lubrication
Dimenson size(mm)
Weight (Kg)
Diesel engine overhaul period

Detailed Images

Remote monitor
Strong practicability, unique remote monitoring system, real-time monitoring of diesel engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and other parameters, automatic alarm and stop of diesel engine parameters exceeding the limit; increase wind and wave mode to ensure the ship does not stop at critical time.

Introduction to engine parts
All aberden engines use Weichai genuine cylinder.
Advantage - aberden cylinder block has higher rigidity, which can improve the reliability of engine operation and extend the service life of engine.
The starter is of deceleration type.
Advantage - 1 / 3 less volume and weight than other products. Low temperature start without broken teeth, ensure large torque, adopt advanced slow speed joint sealing system technology, long service life.
Strengthen engine body, crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod and other parts.
Customer feedback
Aberden series engine has no maintenance in 15000 hours, we try to reach 30000 hours.
Parts superiority
Delivery time is short, usually within 15-20 days, the quality and performance of parts are better than other products.

Company Introduction

Weifang aberden Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of land / marine diesel engine, gas engine, diesel generator set, gas generator set and diesel engine, gas engine, generator set accessories, etc., and undertakes the customization, maintenance service, installation and commissioning of various diesel engines and generator sets.
Aberden engine is divided into fixed power diesel engine, power generation equipment diesel engine, construction
machinery diesel engine, agricultural equipment diesel engine, marine power diesel engine, etc.
Aberden generator set includes R series (Ricardo Series), 126 series, s series (Shangchai Series), C series (Cummins series), P Series (Perkins Series), V series (Volvo Series) and D series (DEUTZ Series).
The company has advanced production detection equipment, which can detect the load power of diesel generator set.
The company has a skilled engineer and service team, which will provide you with better services in product selection, application support, installation and debugging, technical training, after-sales service, etc. Products are exported to India, Vietnam, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and more than 30 countries and regions.
Warmly welcome your call, letter, investigation and business cooperation!
Adhering to the concept of innovation first, with professional attitude, leading technology, rigorous management system and perfect service network, the company wholeheartedly provides customers at home and abroad with high-quality power products and services!

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The interior is covered with a protective film and the exterior is equipped with a non fumigated wooden case.
Configuration can be added according to user requirements.


1. What is your warranty period?
Our warranty period is 1 year or 1200 working hours, whichever comes first (excluding damage to generator set spare parts due to incorrect manual operation).
2. Does your engine have a global warranty?
Yes, most of our products, such as Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Yuchai, DEUTZ, Volvo generator, enjoy global warranty service. The alternators we use (e.g. Leroysomer, Stanford, marathon) also have a global warranty, so you don't have to worry about after-sales service.
3. What's your delivery time?
Our standard delivery time is 20 to 30 days. If you have urgent demand, the delivery time will be shortened as needed. If you have special requirements, the delivery time will be longer.
4. Can machines be customized?
Yes. Our machines can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. We can provide generators for rental business, home use, military projects, power stations, etc. Our machines are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, low temperature and high temperature environment.
5. What are your terms of payment?
T / T 30% as deposit, 70% before delivery. Before you pay, we will show you pictures of the products and packaging

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