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Brief Introduction:

Use airflow to massage the breast rhythmically, stimulate the secretion system and circulation system, make partial muscle to exercise and replenish nutrition so as to strengthen our body and enhance the breast. It is a non-toxic, harmless, no side effect physical therapy.


Working Principle:

According to the Physiology theory, whether the breast is plump or flat depends on the adipocyte in the breast. If we want to plump the breast, we should try to make the adipocyte in the breast grow and increase. In order to do so, we should enhance the capacity of adipocyte by absorbing fattyacid. To enhance the capacity, we need the stimulation of estradiol hormone and guide those flow to the other parts all come into the breast parenchyma.

Estradiol hormone is secreted by ovary during the menstrual cycle. While the concentration of estradiol hormone increase, intermittent vacuum suction and massage of the breast from professional breast enhance instrument could help to accelerate the blood circulation, lead the estradiol hormone to the breast, stimulate the adipocyte to absorb fattyacid so as to make the breast grow and plump. Coordinate with massage by hand and medicine could achieve better curative effect. Meanwhile, the machine could help to revise the chest curve and nipple.



1. Breast enlargement.
2. Improve breast shape.
3. Purify lymphatic system.
4. Eliminate wrinkle.
5. Enhance skin elasticity.
6. Hip lifting.


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