Ultrasonic Flaw Detector FD600 HUATEC 0-10000mm digital portable Ultrasonic Flaw inspection meter

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Product Overview



Universal Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



Product Description

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Universal Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



Performance Features

l            Measurement displaying mode: type A displaying mode

l            It is provided with linear reject function, the highest reject is 80% of the screen height;

l            switch over arbitrarily among three detecting modes: single-probe , dual-probe ones and through transmission;

l            It has gate setting and alarming function. Can set the position and width of gate freely on the screen, and can set alarm for forbidden wave and loss wave respectively;

l            500 detecting channels are available with a separate detecting parameter and DAC curve in every channel.

l        500 A scanned images, parameters and DAC curves can be stored in

l            Two input methods, angles and K value.

l            Auto-gain

l            Automatic generation of DAC curve by standard test block, 30 points can be recorded at most, three adjustable bias curves are generated with the function of Correction.

l            Automatic generation of AVG curve by three type of flaw

l            Make test videos and Auto playback

l            Auto shutdown mode to save power ;

l            Can playback the saved images, call out the saved A-scan images from

l            Equipped with delete function, with which any data can be deleted from storage zone;

l            Two measuring unit: mm/inch;

l            Real-time clock;

l            Auto-calibration of probe.

l            Memory of peaks.

l            Can freeze and defreeze waveform and detection parameters;

l            Can lock/unlock the system parameters;

l            Measuring of sound path and analyze of echo times;

l            Can indicate power state in real time;

l            RS232 communication port available;

l            Having buzzer prompt during operation;

l            Compact, light and easy to operate.


 Technical Data


Technical Data

Range of scanning (mm)

Range of scanning (mm):0~10000

D-delay (ms)

D-delay (ms):-20~+3400

P-delay (ms)


Adjusting steps: 0.01



7 fixed levels: 2260,2730,3080,3230,4700,5920,6300

Adjusting steps:  1

Working mode

Single probe (receiving and sending), double probe (one for receiving and another for sending), transmission  (transmission probe)

Frequency of repeating transmitting  (MHz)


Gain adjustment (dB)


Adjusting step: 0.0,0.2,0.5,1,2,6,12


0%~80% of screen height, step: 1%

Vertical linear error

Vertical linear error is not more than 3%

Horizontal linear error

Not more than 0.2% in the scanning range

Allowance of detection sensitivity

≥62 dB

Dynamic range

≥32 dB


Three modes, i.e. forbidden wave, loss wave and auto


Display: high-brightness graphic lattice

A-Scan display area

A-Scan display freezing and de-freezing  A-Scan filling

Waveform displaying way

full wave

Detection channel


Data save

500 A-Scan images (including setting of instrument)

Standard communication interface with PC


Measuring unit



Li battery 4×3.6V  5000mAh

Power adaptor

Input 100V~240V/50Hz~60Hz

Output 9V~12VDC/3A~4A

Working temperature


Working humidity


Port type


Overall dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)




Standard configuration



Spare parts

  Host 1

  One straight probe

  One oblique probe

  One test block

  Two probe lines

  Power adapter 1

  Two lithium batteries

  Seat Charging Unit 1

  SD Storage Card

 Reader 1

 1 manual

 One copy of certificate, warranty card and packing card


Instrument bags, straps, belts



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